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World Architecture Day 2020: History and Importance of the day



World Architecture Day

World Architecture Day, otherwise called World Day of Architecture, is a global observance, simultaneously with the United Nations’ World Habitat Day celebrated on the First Monday of October. This year it falls on October 5, 2020. World Habitat Day 2020 theme is ‘Housing For All — A Better Urban Future’.

Architecture is inconceivably skilled, and architects can shape the entirety of our lives through their efforts. Likewise, design plays a basic role in planning for the future, sustaining populace development, and handling some social issues.

World Habitat Day 2020 Theme

The theme of World Habitat Day 2020 is ‘Housing For All — A Better Urban Future’. Having a satisfactory home is currently, like never before, a matter of life and death. As COVID-19 keeps on spreading, individuals have been advised to stay at home, yet this straightforward measure is impossible for individuals who don’t have sufficient housing.

Structural disparities have been featured by the COVID-19 pandemic, indicating how individuals from minorities, indigenous people groups, and migrants are disproportionally influenced by housing precarity, overcrowding, and homelessness.

Housing is a human right and a catalyst for all other basic rights. It is the best way to guarantee the “Right to the City for All”.

History of World Architecture Day

Made in 2005 by the UIA (Union International des Architects), World Architecture Day is a day to show thankfulness for the work architects do and to praise some of the extraordinary global architectural works. Events are held in various locations every year, bringing architects, planners, developers, and engineers, on the whole, to grandstand their work, examine future projects, talk about current issues and plan new business enterprises.

It was introduced by the International Union of Architects in 1985 and was initially celebrated on the first Monday of July.

The International Union of Architects (UIA) is an international NGO, a global federation of national associations of architects that represents over 1.3 million architects in 124 nations and regions. It was built up in 1948 to join the architects of the world.

World Architecture Day (otherwise called World Day of Architecture) was made in 1985 as a celebration of architecture and professional holiday of architects. The recognition was initially held on the first Monday in July, yet in 1996 the UIA moved its date to the first Monday in October. Such a date was picked because on this day the United Nations celebrate World Habitat Day.

World Architecture Day events and activities commonly incorporate (yet are not restricted to) conferences, forums, symposia, panel discussions, presentations, and so on. Every year, the UIA chooses a new theme for the day and urges its individuals to connect their events and activities to the current year’s theme.

How to Celebrate World Architecture Day

For the individuals who don’t work within the field of architecture, basically, remove a few moments from your day to appreciate the architectural accomplishments that you usually take for granted during your regular daily existence. To mark this incident, pause for a minute to think about the capability of the architecture – and, in fact, socially-conscious architects – to change the lives of people over the globe. It might be anything but difficult to overlook in the day by day work, yet take today to respect the extraordinary activity you do, and the potential it needs to better the world. Architects of our world – Enjoy your Day!

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