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A look at Iranian architecture from the point of view of Sarvenaz Sharifi, a popular Iranian architect, and entrepreneur



A look at Iranian architecture from the point of view of Sarvenaz Sharifi a popular Iranian architect and entrepreneur

Sarvenaz Sharifi, born in 1984. Architect and interior designer of more than 50 luxury and modern construction projects in Iran, Qatar, the USA, and Canada.

She is the CEO of Abraj sustainable structure construction and Design Company for the past 10 years. She was invited to teach at the Islamic University in Tehran in 2019. Architecture is as much taken from the heart of culture as it is from Culture.

Architecture is not something that is imposed on a society, It’s made by the culture and product of the mental and cultural states of the people of that society, Iranian Islamic architecture is actually Semantic architecture, it is architecture that at the same time pay attention to the use of buildings, pay close attention to the spiritual closeness of man with his creator, and that state of worship and servitude of man, which is why when you are in buildings that are influenced by Iranian and Islamic architecture, there is inevitably a pull you feel spiritual in yourself, a spiritual peace takes over you, but today when we hear Iranian architecture, as soon as we hear this word, fast in our minds, elements such as brick tiles mosque architecture , houses with central pools are associated, but Iranian architecture is something beyond all this, It has a personality, spirit and temperement that distinguishes it from the architecture of the rest of the world, in fact, to revive and rejuvenate Iranian architecture, more actions than using bricks, tiles and decorative architectural elements used in my opinion those who concerned about Iranian architecture, they should recognize the message that Iranian architecture wanted to convey to its users around the world, a nation that has turned its back on its identity and Culture, a nation that actually has a westernist view worship within it is diminished, and as a result, the works of art and architecture of that country are turned away.

The best thing that can be done and in fact, the most fundamental thing that can be done, in my opinion, is to reform public taste and reconcile people with their own past culture. In my opinion, use the appearance of Iranian architecture in our today’s architecture. In my opinion, using the appearances of Iranian architecture is as deadly as using the appearances of the west and trying to destroy Iranian architecture, of course, Iranian architecture has elements that can be used in today’s architecture such as the separation of public and private space.

Today, it is taken very seriously in architectural plans, even in very modern buildings. In fact, the importance of privacy and a kind of translation from the inside and outside of the past of Iranian architecture can be seen in today’s plans. Therefore, it can be said that a very strong link is established between architecture and intact Iranian Culture and modern architecture so that we can actually carry an Iranian architecture because our architects today should not establish Iranian style architecture, a style that our future can be proud of and recognize it as the leading architects of our time and remember us well.

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