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Man of honor Yogendra Singh Rathore came up with Guniguru platform.



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Coming from a small village, life was not always easy for Yogendra Singh Rathore. He had to face hardships at an early age. There was also a lack of exposure and limited knowledge about what lay ahead. But he, through his determination and perseverance, turned his life around and now he has made life not only for himself but also has helped millions of youngsters to achieve their dreams.

Yogendra Singh Rathore is a contemporary, modern-day life coach who has touched the lives of more than two million people through his work. Yogendra Singh Rathore is the author of 3 Startups: Mission Positive world Pvt. Ltd,, and LEADMONK Digital Pvt Ltd., an Award-winning Marketing Influencer, Amazon No.1 Bestselling Author, and One of the Top Brain Experts in India. His excursion from a town kid to a multi-tycoon achievement mentor has been remarkable, to say the least. He is one of the brand ministers of one of the highest NGOs of Ahmedabad-“YUVA-UNSTOPPABLE’. He has been granted the YUVA appreciation grant in IIM Ahmedabad by Rakesh Omprakash Mehra (Bollywood Director and maker). He was additionally the brand diplomat of the Gujarat information arrangement crusades. He has additionally written two smash hit Books named “Stir the extraordinary capability of Memory and Will-Power” and “Insider facts Of The Limitless Mind”.

Yogendra Singh Rathore’s life venture is a motivation for any individual who needs to follow their fantasies. Coming from a little town, he didn’t have the sort of extravagances the city individuals appreciate. Consistently was a battle for him. But he fought against all odds to make a unique name for himself in this competitive world. By the age of 27, Yogendra Singh Rathore had become quite a popular name. His short biography was distributed in one of the main global e-magazines of India-IUEMAG (motivation limitless e-magazine) alongside incredible Boxer MARY KOM. IUEMAG has pursuers over 95 nations. He likewise got the second YUVA-GRATITUDE grant for social commitment by the legend of cricket-Sir IAN BOTHAM. Being placed beside Mary Kom was a huge thing for him and it boosted his spirit and encouraged him to do more and better. Be it Bollywood, the neighborliness business, legislative issues, media outlets, the food or design industry, and even cricket, Yogendra Singh Rathore has spread the word about his quality all over. He has rubbed shoulders with A-listers across industries. Specific remarkable examples include Karan Johar, John Abraham, Zafar Sareshwala, Sir Ian Botham, Mahesh Bhat, and Poonam Mahajan.

Yogendra Singh Rathore is on an exceptional journey where he is motivating millions of others to build a better life for themselves. These people whom he has helped are his success stories. He is creating a firm footprint in this industry, which will be remembered for generations to come.

And additionally, he is also one of the India’s top NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming)

Expert. This works out with computers communicating with humans in their language. For the case in point, He makes it possible for computers to read text, hear speech, interpret it, measure sentiment, and determine which parts are important. He analyzed all the queries from it and cleared all the errors. This new concept of communication assisted our new generation to grow more.

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