Khizer Ishtiaq, the teenager, leading Pakistan on the map of global digital marketing

Khizer Ishtiaq, the owner of Zerteck Digital and many renowned projects, is one of the green-aged freelancer and entrepreneur from Pakistan.

Zerteck Digital Agency provides a complete solution for the digital world. It includes web development, creative designing, digital marketing, Search engine optimization, brand promotion, e-Commerce development, and many more interrelated facilities.

 It provides a complete solution on social media and affordable prices so that their customers are left 100% satisfied in all aspects. It’s a one-stop-shop for all digital solutions. It has also become a helping hand to the youth and other entrepreneurs trying to build up their businesses.

Notably, Karachi-born Khizer chose to start his career as a freelancer when he was just in class 8. Where everyone was busy in video games, chatting, scrolling, and getting good grades, Khizer was creating a place for himself in freelancing and preparing his pillars to build his empire in the digital marketing world.

 Initially, he acquired knowledge from different social media platforms and worked hard to improve his skills by learning through the internet. Working as a freelancer, he had also gained much experience learning digital skills, which was helpful to him in his plans to create his own company, as mentioned above.

Under Khizer’s leadership, Zerteck Digital is quickly becoming a global gamechanger. By the graceful hard work of over six years, he is counted among the top best freelancers of Pakistan as he rendered his skills to many other freelance forums.

He is now the most iconic and youngest entrepreneur of the generation. He has proved that age doesn’t matter; what matters is the power to achieve something great which comes from within yourself.

Rather than being highly qualified, he preferred virtual courses and is now a self-made professional who is the ruler of the digital business world. He is an example for those people who believe in hard work and self-motivation. Gathering all his expertise, he wishes to be on the Forbes list of young entrepreneurs representing Pakistan.

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