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The Digital Marketing industry has a new talent who is known for his impeccable work, he is Kashif Tahir.



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His exceptional services have taken many brands and businesses to newer heights of success.

The days of traditional advertising and marketing methods are gone as they were time consuming and involved a lot of investment. The Digital era or the internet revolution has given way to innovative methods of marketing your products and services through the online medium, which works at lightening speed and can be managed at the fraction of the cost as compared to the conventional marketing methods. Digital Marketing can reach a wide audience base regardless of the demographics and catapult any online business to optimum levels of success. The industry has a number of experts who know the ins and outs of how the online medium works and their expertise can help businesses scale their reach manifold. We have one such expert in our midst who has excelled in the field of Digital Marketing and has turned many failing businesses to profitable ventures, he is Kashif Tahir aka Kay Tee from Lahore, Pakistan.

He is one of the most sought after professionals known in the industry who has reached pinnacles of success with his impeccable work which has earned him many clients from across the globe. He started off his journey during his college days when he used to freelance as a web developer. Gradually he developed his skills and went ahead to master the Digital Marketing field and established his own company named ‘Cuddle Marketing’, which has become one of the biggest brands in the country having worldwide clients under its roof. When asked about how he keeps growing in spite of such tough competition out there, he says, “one of the finest points that helps a business grow is networking as getting your brand known amongst like minded people can do wonders”

Kashif’s name is much recognised in the industry today as he has a wide body of work behind him. His name has grown to such an extent that he gets invited to attend many important marketing events as a guest speaker. Kashif’s work allows him to travel places and follow his passion without worrying much about his work. “One of the finest points of running an online business is that you can operate your business from any part of the globe successfully and at the same time follow your passion,” says Kashif as a parting shot.

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