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Meet Khizer Ishtiaq, Founder of Zerteck Digital



Meet Khizer Ishtiaq Founder of Zerteck Digital

A man usually masters a single skill, and that specific skill is known as his expertise. But, Pakistan-based Khizer Ishtiaq, a young entrepreneur, and freelancer selling his services worldwide, is a multi-talented lad with over ten-skill-expertise in his hands.

His journey began with YouTube. Rather than being a typical learner from the academies, Khizer taught himself that the internet was not too old in Pakistan.

A Person with Diverse Talents:

He became a freelancer in his green age and, entering 2020, completed his six years in the field. He developed and enriched his communication skills and emphasized more on Search Engine Optimization.

He focused to the extent that he is considered the senior SEO today. Mastering graphic designing, digital marketing, and many related activities, he gathered all his expertise to a forum known as ‘Zerteck Digital’.

It is not easy to build a successful success story in this age. Today, he is getting limelight on behalf of his diverse skills.

He is not only a young entrepreneur but also a well-known freelancer who has been certified and ranks on top among Pakistanis.


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