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Zila art or mohd daood aslam: Expert digital Artist From UP



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Whatever you want to say the name – zila art or mohd daood aslam both means to one person.
Daood is the man behind zila art , one of the best artist pages on instagram.
With the current trends, everything has been digitalised beginning from examinations that are being held to even court sessions that are bringing out online statements an orders of all kinds. Actually, the digital world has been very influencing and technology has been expanding and reaching out to different things. According to the current pandemic, there is one thing that has moved on line and that is businesses that offer products as well as services. We already had some online shopping apps where we could buy groceries, clothes, household furniture and so on. But since pandemic has caused a lot of stores to shutdown, they had to profit some way and decided to move their business to the digital platform. Apart from these recent developments, there has been one development in the life of Mohd Daood Aslam.

Born on 10th May, Mohd Daood is still a very young man. However, he is age does not have to do anything with his work, he has proved his true potential as an artist. He has always been a good artist from his early school days and he recalls making sketches on his notebooks. At that point of time, he had no idea that he is going to establish this as a field of career. Not that he underestimated himself, it is the fact that he was yet to realise his true potential and the career that he was made for.

There is always a Story in our life that defines our work. And that is the first step that we take towards success. Mohd Daood Aslam made his very first remarkable sketch at a young age. It was a simple one, his toddler nephew being the model. Immediately, he started to receive a lot of positive feedbacks after posting the picture online on social media. This made him believe in his work and he soon got appreciation from a lot of other national as well as international celebrities like Thakur Anoop Singh, Peer Ahmad Shah, Nazim Ahmed and so on. What is better than quality art? Absolutely nothing else!

He started to make portraits and quickly switched to the digitalization of his very own work, as mentioned at the beginning of the article. He bought his first phone with his own earnings and then he soon went to virtual art forms. The creativity of Mohd Daood Aslam is inborn. At the moment, he is pursuing his first year BCom degree, with a lot of hope for his Zila art. So, do you want you sketch done? Look up Mohd Daood Aslam on Instagram!

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