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Zoom app for Chromebooks officially closing down in August 2022, Why?



Zoom app for Chromebooks officially shutting down in August Why

Two things saw hazardous development amidst the COVID-19 pandemic: Chromebooks and Zoom. Presently, the video-calling app is closing down its Chromebook app to clear a path for something better.

Zoom app for Chromebooks is closing down

A notification is as of now showing up in the Zoom app for Chromebooks which tells clients that the app is being shut down in August 2022.

This app will never again be officially upheld after August 2022. If it’s not too much trouble, utilize the new Zoom for Chrome PWA to join meetings on ChromeOS.

The app has been accessible for quite a long time and gives straightforward admittance to Zoom meetings yet with no extra functionality. It’s seriously restricted with regards to most features and hasn’t seen an outstanding update in a long while.

Why is the Zoom app shutting down?

To some degree, it’s based on aging technology.

The older app is a “traditional” Chrome app, which hasn’t been especially pertinent for a couple of years at this point. Most quite, Google announced in August 2020 that it would deliberately get rid of the Chrome apps on all platforms. For Windows, Mac, and Linux, support finished in June 2021.

As of June 2022, Google is pulling the plug on Chrome apps on Chrome OS, as well, with new apps being assumed and all current apps becoming private and unlisted in the Chrome Web Store.

Considering that, it’s a good idea that Zoom would end official help for its app.

Yet, as additional inspiration, Zoom debuted a Progressive Web App for Chromebooks back in 2021, which has seen a few significant updates over the course of the last year.

May the Zoom PWA live forever

The Zoom for Chrome PWA is a superior prepared variant of what the original app was and one that acts more like what Zoom offers on Windows and macOS. The more featured app has a familiar UI close by further developed features including background blur. In any event, when we investigated the app when it launched, we were really content with the upgrades it brought.

In any case, the Zoom for Chrome PWA didn’t come all according to hiccups, a few that hurt existing clients of the Chromebook app.

At the point when the PWA launched, it didn’t uphold a few features on low-end Chromebooks. Gallery view specifically was a sad misfortune on anything without essentially a quad-core processor. Bugs with broken video feeds were additionally normal at that point. Thankfully, Zoom has made upgrades over the long haul, to the place where the PWA is currently an excellent experience.

In the event that you’re actually utilizing the traditional Zoom app for Chromebooks, it doesn’t seem like it will quit working right away, yet its time is unquestionably restricted. At last, we expect the app will simply cease to work.

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