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jade jade

Currently, jade items are the most sought after on the auction market, moreover, the price has grown steadily. More and more collectors of antiquities who have a special fondness for the tangible uniqueness of jade, become high-class players!

What do you know about witch hazel?

Why is jade so valuable to antique collectors?

Let’s find out in the article below!

The shining “thousand-year” history of jade jade.

The Chinese history of collecting and admiring the natural beauty of jade dates back to 8,000 years. From ancient times to the present, jade is still considered by people as a crystallization of the spirit of heaven and earth with its beauty that goes with time and is increasingly valuable.

There is now a distinction between soft jade and hard jade, and jade is the most prominent representative of the hard jade, which fetches the highest prices in treasure auctions. The spiritual connection between the jade and its wearer makes people have a deeper faith in this treasure.

According to the Chinese: “There is a legend that Queen Empress Tu Xi with a passionate passion for jewels brought jade from Myanmar to China. Since then, used by the nobility and officials in the old days at the court, there was a time when the pearls were always carried by the great ministers with a value of more than ten thousand taels of gold. Some time ago, an event about the value of a pearl at an auction demonstrated the level of class of the “witch hazel”, a pendant encrusted with jade on a shelf. up to 120 million yuan (more than 300 billion) proves that the Chinese are very superstitious about jade.

Origin of jade, do you know?

Among all things, there is often a connection from nature, the name “witch” originated in the western part of Yunnan province more than a thousand years ago. In the mysterious jungles there, once appeared a bird with extremely brilliant colors: blue in front, red and purple on the side, flexible colors that change according to viewing angle. of human. Ancient people who loved poetry often called red for hazel, and blue for Thuy, so the word “witch” in the past was the name of a small bird living in the forest with brilliant plumage.

Until one day in the early 18th century, a kind of sacred jade from Myanmar was introduced into Yunnan province and officially spread in China. This type of jade has a color that makes many people admire it amazed because it is as pure as the color of the feathers of a bird.

From the first day they saw this enchanting jade, people forgot about the beauty of the hazel bird, but even put that name on the beautiful jade that has been handed down to this day.

Compared with other types of gems, the source of jade jade is very few and rare, so that kind of jade of Myanmar is a priceless treasure, and at the same time creates a unique symbol of the East.

So what is its effect?

Not only admiring the beauty of the jade gems, but people also feel the effects of the jade gems bring to their owners, there is a special relationship between the pearls and people. To this day, there is no scientific basis to explain it, only jade can be called “Mascot”.

The first thing to mention is that witch hazel has a good effect on psychology: People who own jade feel that it soothes uncomfortable emotions and stress after a day of work. Looking at the cool green pearl in your hand, you will feel like a gentle beautiful girl is helping you massage and listen to your feelings.

Next are the effects on human health: it help balance your bio-energy, balance blood pressure and have a good impact on heart activity, improve resistance, increase positive energy for you.

Finally, jade jade also helps bring luck and convenience in business to many people, that’s why “witch hazel” is always loved by many people in the business world who believe in the luck of owning a good pearl.

We, with many years of experience in the business of “gift of nature”, are confident that we can bring to our customers the most perfect and excellent pearls.

A place to create masterpieces from nature!

We have an area of ​​jade mining up to 170,000㎡.

The largest one-stop international jade trading center in China The

total construction area is 170,000 square meters, the overall is magnificent and well-planned, jade mining and processing with high technologies.

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