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2023 Men’s FIH Hockey Junior World Cup: Fixtures, Schedule, Format, Pools, Teams and How to Watch



2023 Men's FIH Hockey Junior World Cup Fixtures, Schedule, Format, Pools, Teams and How to Watch

The International Hockey Federation organizes the biennial Men’s FIH Hockey Junior World Cup, which is the world championship for men’s under-21 field hockey. The 13th edition of the competition will take place in 2023. From December 5 to December 16, 2023, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, will host it.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is home to the 2023 FIH Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup. The National Hockey Stadium Bukit Jalil will host the competition from December 5–16, 2023, where 16 teams from around the world will compete for the highly sought-after championship title. As the event gets closer, more information will be posted, including the roster, schedule, and event details.

Later this year, in Malaysia, the FIH Junior Men’s Hockey World Cup will take place. Additionally, the governing body announced on Saturday, June 24, the Junior World Cup’s complete schedule and pooling.

Beginning on December 5 and lasting until December 16, the competition will take place. Sixteen teams are participating in the competition, and all of the matches are expected to take place in Kuala Lumpur.

Korea, Spain, Canada, and India are all placed in Pool C together, with India coming in at number three in the most recent rankings. According to the latest release, they are also the highest-ranked team in Asia.


Four Pools consisting of 16 teams are assigned according to FIH regulations. The top two teams in each pool move on to the main tournament knockout stages after each team in the pool plays the other three teams once. The winners will be decided by the Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Final.

The teams that are eliminated from the group stage will compete for classification spots. These sets of matches will determine the 9th through 16th positions.

Pools and Teams

Pool A: Argentina (ARG), Australia (AUS), Chile (CHI), Malaysia (MAS) 
Pool B: Egypt (EGY), France (FRA), Germany (GER), South Africa (RSA) 
Pool C: Canada (CAN), India (IND), South Korea (KOR), Spain (ESP) 
Pool D: Belgium (BEL), Netherlands (NED), New Zealand (NZL), Pakistan (PAK) 


ChileGermanyKoreaNew Zealand
MalaysiaSouth AfricaSpainPakistan

Fixtures List 

Here is the complete schedule and all matches of the FIH Junior Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023-

Group Stage Matches – Schedule

View the full schedule of games from the 2023 Junior Men’s Hockey World Cup group stages. The National Hockey Stadium in Malaysia’s capital city of Kulal Lumpur will host each game on a different field.

Match No.MatchPoolDateTime (in IST)
1FRA vs EGYBDec 56:30 AM
2GER vs RSABDec 58:30 AM
3ESP vs CANCDec 511:30 AM
4ARG vs AUSADec 51:30 PM
5IND vs KORCDec 53.30 PM
6MAS vs CHIADec 55:30 PM
7NED vs PAKDDec 66:30 AM
8BEL vs NZLDDec 68:30 AM
9RSA vs EGYBDec 611:30 AM
10FRA vs GERBDec 61:30 PM
11AUS vs CHIADec 63:30 PM
12MAS vs ARGADec 65:30 PM
13KOR vs CANCDec 76:30 AM
14PAK vs NZLDDec 78:30 AM
15BEL vs NEDDDec 73:30 PM
16ESP vs INDCDec 75:30 PM
17RSA vs FRABDec 86:30 AM
18GER vs EGYBDec 88:30 AM
19ARG vs CHIADec 83:30 PM
20AUS vs MASADec 85:30 PM
21KOR vs ESPCDec 96:30 AM
22NED vs NZLDDec 98:30 AM
23IND vs CANCDec 93:30 PM
24PAK vs BELDDec 95:30 PM

Knockout Stages Matches – Schedule

The top two teams from each pool advance to the knockout stages, while the teams that are eliminated compete in the classification stages to determine who will finish in positions nine through sixteen. The knockout stage fixture list is available here. The team names won’t be revealed until the group stage concludes on December 9.

Match No.Knockout MatchTeamsDateTime (in IST)
259/163rd Pool A vs 4th Pool BDec 116:30 AM
269/163rd Pool D vs 4th Pool CDec 118:45 AM
279/163rd Pool B vs 4th Pool ADec 111:15 PM
289/163rd Pool C vs 4th Pool DDec 113:30 PM
29Quarter Final (QF)1st Pool A vs 2nd Pool BDec 126:30 AM
30QF1st Pool D vs 2nd Pool CDec 128:45 AM
31QF1st Pool B vs 2nd Pool ADec 121:15 PM
32QF1st Pool C vs 2nd Pool DDec 123:30 PM
3313/16Loser Match 25 (M25) vs Loser M26Dec 136:30 AM
3413/16Loser M27 vs Loser M 28Dec 138:45 AM
359/12Winner M25 vs Winner M26Dec 1312:30 PM
369/12Winner M27 vs Winner M28Dec 132:45 PM
375/8Loser M29 vs Loser M30Dec 146:30 AM
385/8Loser M31 vs Loser M32Dec 148:45 AM
39Semi Final (SF 1)Winner M29 vs Winner M30Dec 143:30 PM
40Semi-Final (SF 2)Winner M31 vs Winner M32Dec 146:00 PM
4115th-16th Placed MatchLoser M33 vs Loser M34Dec 156:30 AM
4213th-14th Placed MatchWinner M33 vs Winner M34Dec 158:45 AM
4311th-12th Placed MatchLoser M35 vs Loser M36Dec 1512:30 PM
449th-10th Placed MatchWinner M35 vs Winner M36Dec 152:45 PM
457th-8th Placed MatchLoser M37 vs Loser M38Dec 166:30 AM
465th-6th Placed MatchWinner M37 vs Winner M38Dec 168:45 AM
473rd-4th Placed MatchLoser M39 vs Loser M40Dec 163:30 PM
48FinalWinner M39 (SF 1) vs Winner M40 (SF 2)Dec 166:00 PM

How to Watch

FIH Watch.Hockey will broadcast every tournament match. Right now, the FIH is selling the FIH+ Pass, which allows you to watch every Junior World Cup match for both the men’s and women’s competitions as well as every Olympic qualifying match for both genders. You can watch every Team Canada match for the next four events by purchasing this package.

The FIH Junior Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 is anticipated to be an incredible competition that will highlight the extraordinary talent and proficiency of young hockey players from around the world. Being one of the most prominent junior hockey competitions, it gives these up-and-coming players a chance to participate at the greatest level and earn priceless experience. In addition to showcasing exceptional athleticism and teamwork, the competition will honor the sport’s future. A thrilling mix of passion, tenacity, and life-changing experiences awaits fans as teams from around the world compete for glory.

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