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5 Best Digital Marketing tips to learn before you start your own agency!



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Marketing is all about influencing. No matter who you are, either you are influenced or you influence someone to sell your own product. You need to understand that everyone sells something. How they sell is called marketing. Anybody who can sell well, is seen as the successful businessperson. In this era of Digital marketing, you need to be more creative and informed about everything about your market place and your audience.

Before you start your own digital marketing agency you need to know your own competition. Learn from the agencies that have already proven their worth in the industry, one of such agencies is A Cup of Tea Advertising founded by Gikson George a visionary entrepreneur. He started in year 2015 with one vision to give 360-degree digital solution to his clients under one roof. They have been known to retain their clients with their results.

Five important tips to understand before you start your own Digital marketing agency.

  1. Understand your Product

Every digital marketing agency or any other company needs to know their own product well. Before you start, make sure you list your products.

  • Answer all your WH questions:
  • WHat: What are you selling?
  • WHo: Who are you selling to?
  • WHen: When is the right time for your product
  • HoW: How are you going to sell it?
  • WHere: Where will you sell your product?

What are you selling? Is the first question you should put across, once you know your product well, you will be more confident in selling them. List out everything you can offer and find your competition accordingly.

Who are you selling to? Make a client list, make it concrete, make sure you have all the channels to pitch ready before you put them on the list. Do not make imaginary list!

When is the right time to sell your product? Not every client would need your all products every time, find out which company needs what, and find the right time to pitch them the right product. This will increase your probability to crack the client.

How are you going to sell it? There are so many types of clients, but you have to understand that there are people who take the decision, and people have preferences. Make sure you find those first before you make your pitch. Because pitching without knowing your client’s preferences will reduce your chance to crack them.

Where will sell? Geography is the most important thing, you need to know where to sell products, not all your products are meant to be sold everywhere. For example, you can not sell winter coats in Sahara Desert.

  • Create a face value

Do not under estimate the power of marketing, even though you are going to be a new digital agency, make sure you advertise yourself well. Creating a face value is utmost important. Gikson George advertise A Cup of Tea Advertising and he said, “I spend 10% of my income into advertising” Advertising well will create brand image and that image will help you build a face value for your brand. The day your client knows your brand before you tell them about it, that is the day you should know that you have reached bench mark of successful digital agency.

  • Consistency

Every vehicle needs fuel to run. Similarly you need clients to run and survive, never stop pitching clients, make new list every week, and keep yourself well informed about the clients in your region and across the industry. The day you decide to stop pitching, that is the day when you will kill your brand. Irrespective of how many No’s you get keep pitching. Consistency is the key. Also keep a track of turn around off your pitches. For example you pitched 100 clients and 10 turned out to be your client, you have a 10% turn around.

  • Happiness Index

Every client is either happy or unsatisfied, you as the boss need to keep track of it. No one is perfect, but you need to know how happy your client is or how sad they are. You need to keep a track of it and keep improving. Keep a note, that you need set a standard for yourself and judge your work based on that. Key is ‘DO NOT LIE TO YOURSELF’.

Bonus tip: Don’t be shy to contact other agencies to outsource their work to you. Nothing is impossible, Gikson George have done it, so can you!


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