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5 Steps To Assist Handle Increased Dangers For Business Travelers



5 Steps To Assist Handle Increased Dangers For Business Travelers

Step 1: Listen To Your Travellers

Instead of guessing the dangers, request a full download from your frequent flyers. Their own experiences will highlight the special issues that South African business visitors confront, such as coping with crime hotspots.

Step 2: Sort Travel Data

Employee information that is out of current makes efficient communication difficult during an emergency. Make sure you know where your travelling teams are and how to contact them. A TMC system consolidates this information.

Step 3: Make A Game Plan For Difficult Scenarios

What if civil upheaval arises during the trip? Collaborate with your TMC to create reaction playbooks for the risky circumstances that your business travelers may encounter based on their itinerary.

Step 4: Lean On Your Technology

When the proverbial hits the fan, you need a strong duty of care tech on your side. From real-time tracking applications to mobile destination intelligence and emergency communications.

TMCs give digital weaponry for locating and communicating with impacted travelers from anywhere.

Step 5: Prepare Your People

They cannot be prepared unless they are properly looped in. Educate staff about your duty-of-care program through training, pre-trip briefings, and resources that will allow them to make sensible safety decisions on the road, such as rebooking flights if conditions become problematic.

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