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5 Top Small Business LinkedIn Pages you Need to Follow Today



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When it comes to informative LinkedIn content, it is usually the likes of Fortune 500 that we turn to.

However, considering the growing importance of content marketing, several small and medium-sized companies have also upped their game.

It seems to be dawning upon businesses that LinkedIn marketing, when done right, can be a consistent channel for branding and new leads.

And, more small and medium-sized businesses now have a LinkedIn page than ever before – what’s more – they seem to be sharing some top-class content consistently.

Here are 5 small and medium businesses whose LinkedIn pages you should follow to get your daily source of informative content.

  1. Fact.MR

The About section of the website refers to the company as a market research and consulting firm with offices in the US, Dublin, and Dubai.

Fact.MR’s LinkedIn page stands out for its research-focused content. As a market research company, the firm reaffirms the importance of fact-based decision-making.

Its Linkedin page has a steady dose of engaging content, revolving around research, psychology, technology, and personal development. You can follow the page and get the tips and techniques to get that many followers or it would be much easier to find out the best sites to buy LinkedIn followers & connections.

  1. Paladin

Although Paladin is a recruitment and talent agency, its LinkedIn page also features exciting and informative content about self-development.

In line with its objective of connecting organizations with top talent, the LinkedIn page of the company regularly posts salary guides, learning material to help professionals learn and advance their careers.

  1. Fuse

The LinkedIn presence of Fuse is peppy, keeping in mind the audience they continue to target, i.e. millennials.

Follow their page, and you will have all the information and latest updates on the evolutions in marketing.

The company’s LinkedIn page can be informative for any company that is looking forward to communicating effectively with Generation Z

  1. Ripple

The LinkedIn page of a financial settlements provider doesn’t need to bore – and Ripple does a great job at creating engaging content.

In addition to regular company announcements, their LinkedIn page constantly features their employees sharing their experiences and passions.

The company’s LinkedIn page also serves as a page for hiring new talent. Through well-crafted videos, the company presents its case as a desirable place to work.

  1. FreshBooks

Forbes ranked FreshBooks one of the best small companies – and, their LinkedIn page does not disappoint; in fact, it astonishes!

Although FreshBooks is a provider of accounting software, the consistency with which it churns informative, engaging content makes it one of the best LinkedIn business pages.

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