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Meet Nishit Sangwan, achieving staggering levels of success as a teenager digitalpreneur



Nishit Sangwan

He is at the forefront of the industry as a co-founder of two companies, Cele-Media and Asian

Every other person today wants to become a part of the growing digital media world and why not, as the industry provides some of the best opportunities today to individuals to grow as entrepreneurs in the niche and also help them grow people, businesses, and brands leveraging the medium to the fullest. Only a few rare gems in the industry have been able to smartly optimize the various digital marketing resources available on the online mediums and those who identified the same have gone ahead in the industry by taking their clients to staggering levels of success in a very short span of time.

The times of the business world have been changing and how thanks to also the pandemic that compelled businesses and entrepreneurs to rely on great digital marketing companies and their strategies to either sustain their prominence in their markets or grow as brands. Great digital marketing services and solutions are those that promise to provide the best results and outcomes to people with the right mix of marketing strategies and solutions and Nishit Sangwan has been able to do exactly that. That is why at only 17 years of age, he has become one of the top-most names in the digital marketing space in India.

The youngster, who comes from Gurugram, Haryana, only knew one thing – to believe in his dreams and work with his head down, focusing on what needed to be done to excel as a young digitalpreneur and that’s what he did. Today, he is the proud co-founder of two firms named Cele-Media and and has worked along with innumerable clients across niches to provide them with the best solutions for helping them gain the prominence and growth they desire.

Nishit Sangwan gained early momentum in his field by making videos on YouTube, creating great lifestyle content, and posting it on his Instagram. This slowly saw the incoming of massive followers, which motivated him to become a young social media influencer and digitalpreneur. Today, his services are trusted by many and that has further gained him much more success in a short span. To connect with him, visit the website

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