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5 Unusual Principles of Social Media Marketing Growth



5 Unusual Principles of Social Media Marketing Growth

Whether you’re a well-known thought leader or a career-minded individual trying to boost your exposure, you’re likely to share one common experience: a love/hate relationship with social media. It’s a chaotic world of material, clicks, tweets, shares, and the odd viral phenomenon. You want to make an impression online, provide value to your audience, and master the art of digital charisma; you also want to maintain your sanity. Apply these five irreverent approaches to your social media strategy and actions to reduce stress and effort while continuously providing value to your target audience.

Become A Serial Killer

Think of your social media feeds as the most recent binge-worthy series. Instead of one-time wonder posts, create a tale that leaves your audience wanting more. Tell your narrative with a series of compelling articles or videos. For example, if you develop a five-piece series titled The Five Best ideas for Leading Remote Teams, you can include an overview article with basic explanations of your five ideas, as well as five further articles that delve deeper into each point. Then you can use flashbacks to encourage your readers to interact with the prior part. You can also utilize foreshadowing to build anticipation for what comes next.

Repeat Yourself

The majority of your internet connections do not view most of what you post. Most people aren’t waiting for your new post or infographic, unless you’re Taylor Swift and your following consists entirely of Swifties. And if they aren’t online at the correct time or actively looking for your content, they’ll most likely miss it. On LinkedIn, for example, approximately 6% to 7.5% of posts are viewed. That is, when you work hard to create quality thought leadership content, repost, recycle, and remix it.

Cheat, Lie, and Steal

It’s really more like borrowing. When you curate information provided by others, you make their hard work visible to your audience. When you accompany your article with a link to their content and your point of view, you increase the value of their content. As a result, some of the authorship transfers to you. Of course, you must be grateful, thank the donor, and recognize their excellent work. However, if you simply share it without adding value or your own opinion, it’s almost as if you didn’t publish anything at all.

Half The Effort, Double The Impact

Co-creating material with a buddy or colleague can reduce your workload while increasing your shine. When you collaborate on an article, video, or podcast, you become part of a content team rather than just a thought leader. Share the creating, the sharing, and the accolades. Then watch as your social clout grows.

Be an Outsourcer

No, that is not a typo. Outsource like a sorcerer. Allow AI to help with anything from idea generating to faultless proofreading. Use ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies to give an extra dimension to your actions. AI can serve as your muse, generating new and exciting ideas; your editor, ensuring the content is coherent and complete; and your proofreader, ensuring it is grammatically right. AI may also generate a high-quality SEO title and a summary for you to utilize in promotion. It is not cheating; rather, it is beautifully efficient outsourcing.

Use these five irreverent guidelines to shape your social media environment. Embrace them and watch your social media presence grow. Remember that in the world of pixels and posts, being visible isn’t enough; you also need to be memorable.

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