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5 Valentine’s Day Ideas to Show Your Finances Some Love



5 Valentine's Day Ideas to Show Your Finances Some Love

Nothing says “I love you” more than the gift of good financial health; chocolates and flowers are nice, too.

Whether you’re single, dating, or somewhere in between, looking after your financial health can be a long-lasting kind of self-care that goes beyond flowers. It truly is a gift that never ends!

What better way to show someone you care about than by showing your financial situation some love on Valentine’s Day?

Our collection of personal finance tips will have you swooning over your savings this Valentine’s Day, from ending a bad bank deal to looking for your savings account soulmate.

  1. Use a budget to gain insight into your financial situation.

Your relationship with your finances is among the most significant ones you will have. Creating a bullet-proof budget is the cornerstone of maintaining a strong financial relationship.

It informs you of your financial responsibilities so you can continue to live your life and take care of yourself knowing that your bills have been paid and that you are steadily making progress toward your savings goals.

This is how to create a budget:

  • Step 1: Determine what is coming in. List all sources of income, including regular pay, wages, pensions, government benefits, and investment income, along with the amount and frequency of each.
  • Step 2: Determine what is leaving: Make a list of all your regular expenses, debt, and bills (such as rent or mortgage payments, phone and internet bills, and insurance).
  • Step 3: Determine your savings goal. You should determine how much you want to save each month after calculating how much of your regular pay will need to go toward bills and expenses.
  • Step 4: Determine your allowance: What you can safely spend each month (or fortnight, depending on your pay cycle) without jeopardizing your ability to save and pay bills is the money you have left over after expenses and after you’ve added to your savings account.
  1. Pay closer attention to your finances

Give your wallet some love by doing routine financial examinations. This could entail reevaluating your financial objectives, checking your budget, and using a helpful app to track your spending.

Overspending and bad deals won’t go unnoticed if proactive financial management is maintained. Maintaining your financial awareness enables you to adjust as necessary to stay on course for increased financial success.

  1. Learn the love language of finance

Communication is essential because money can be a sensitive subject in relationships, especially when there are differences in your personal views on the matter. It’s crucial to discuss your financial priorities and goals with your partner, just as you would with anyone else you have hopes and dreams for.

You can both agree on intentions and decisions about money spending if you and your partner have open communication about money. You can hopefully avoid any unpleasant surprises or arguments by knowing what to expect from one another in this way.

  1. Establish some savings goals for the couple.

In keeping with the last piece of advice, setting joint financial goals is another advantage of being transparent about your financial situation. This could be putting money down for a down payment on a home, a trip abroad, or a fund for a future child (or pets).

  1. Get out of a bad bank arrangement.

Similar to how you shouldn’t accept a lousy romantic partner, you shouldn’t accept a subpar banking product offer. Make it a habit to constantly compare your bank account options and keep an eye on what’s around, unlike when dating, where this tip could get you into trouble.

Unlike in relationships, don’t stick with a bank just because you’ve been with them since your first Dollarmite account. When it comes to banking customers, loyalty is meaningless.

Comparing interest rates on your home loan, savings account, or other product will benefit both you and your bank account. Should you find a better offer, you should make the switch.

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