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6 Simple Tips to Help Those on a Budget Reduce Their Summertime Expenses



6 Simple Tips to Help Those on a Budget Reduce Their Summertime Expenses

We understand how simple it is to watch your fun budget soar as summer approaches, particularly if you have kids at home from school. Finding the best deals without sacrificing fun is the core mission of Time Bulletin, so we’ve put together ten suggestions for a fantastic summer vacation this year without going over budget.

Why Stay in the UK?

Although the weather is a little unpredictable, there is so much to do in the UK that you don’t need to travel abroad to have an engaging and enjoyable vacation.

Travel is much simpler because you don’t have to deal with airports and airport security when you can drive or take the train to your destination. Instead of taking a solid two-week vacation, you could arrange multiple shorter trips that last one or two nights or longer. This will help you see a lot of the nation’s hidden treasures and improve your mental health! Let’s examine how our money-saving advice can help you have an inexpensive summer vacation in the UK.

Think About Other Options for Accommodation

Hotels can be pricey, particularly if you’re traveling with a family, so look into other options. Sure, you could choose Air BnB, but the lack of regulations may result in issues upon arrival that could end your vacation.

Pitch prices for camping range from approximately £8 per night, making it an affordable choice. Ask your friends and family for a tent they once purchased and are now hiding in the attic if you don’t have the necessary equipment!

To explore the thousands of miles of canal networks throughout the UK, you can also rent a canal boat. It’s a fantastic way to live a slower-paced lifestyle and visit a new location every day.

Likewise, if you’re traveling alone or with a partner, you might want to think about renting a campervan or mobile home. You can go on multiple trips, experience “van life,” book your lodging, and travel all at once, all while saving a ton of money! It can be a great way to travel, of course, but you’ll need to account for the cost of gas and rental. Camping is an appealing option during our frequently rainy summers, but this is a step up.

Take Night and Off-Peak Trains Travel

If you’re planning a large trip, like traveling from London to Scotland, you might want to think about booking both your lodging and transportation on a night sleeper train. The Caledonian Sleeper is an excellent way to travel to and from Scotland while including a night’s lodging each way. There aren’t many in the UK because most places can be reached in a few hours.

If you qualify for a railcard, you could be able to save hundreds of pounds on your summertime travel expenses, particularly if you’re traveling with a family. To get the best deals, travel during off-peak hours and book your train tickets in advance to save money.

For short trips, taking the bus is an excellent way to travel at a reduced cost to your vacation spot. To take advantage of any ticket discounts, purchase online and in advance.

Go Local

Do you have friends who are residents of a different region of the nation? It’s time to schedule a visit now! Since not everyone enjoys having guests stay in their homes, be careful not to extend an invitation to yourself and look into other nearby accommodation options first.

But when you go visit friends, they will know all the best spots to go! In fact, many people love to visit their hometown as tourists! We can easily become accustomed to our surroundings, so when we have visitors, we perceive things in a different light. Many cities also provide residential programs that save a significant amount of money on admission fees by offering discounts on nearby attractions.

In addition to supporting the local economy, dining at neighborhood restaurants and lodging in boutique hotels or bed and breakfasts offers you another way to cut costs because independent establishments are frequently less expensive (or open to haggling!). Going local is always more enjoyable than going to chain restaurants and bars because you’ll get a sense of the local culture.

Find Free Attractions and Things to Do

There are many ways to spend time in UK cities this summer without breaking the bank, from free museums to free National Trust and English Heritage sites. It’s excellent to know that a lot of places will provide additional discounts or events during the school break to keep kids occupied.

One of the greatest and most affordable ways to see some of the most breathtaking areas of the nation is by foot! To begin, all you really need is a water bottle, sensible walking shoes, and a waterproof jacket. Take a walking vacation along one of the main paths in National Parks and spend the night at YHA hostels if you really want to go all out.

Look Out for Last-Minute Deals

If you’re open to changing your plans for your UK vacation, you may be able to score some fantastic last-minute offers. Online resources like are excellent for last-minute, low-cost hotel searches.

Visit the box office of your local theater a few hours before a performance if you enjoy watching theater but don’t mind what you see. They are trying to fill their seats, so you might be able to score some really cheap tickets. If you’re quick, kids can also receive free West End tickets this summer!

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