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Acting: marketing, career future, professional actor Iman Naderipour is here to tell us



Acting marketing career future professional actor Iman Naderipour is here to tell us

Today, the interests of many students to choose university majors have become different. In the past, most candidates went to medical, paramedical, or engineering fields. These fields still have many positions and fans, but there are also volunteers who are talented in fields such as photography, painting, music, and acting, and they would like to continue their academic studies in these fields. By participating in the art entrance exam, these people can study in their favorite field. The field of acting is one of the most attractive and demanding fields, the experimental group of art that we are going to introduce today.

Some parents are against their children’s entry into art fields because of the lack of guaranteed job prospects and the labor market in Iran. Maybe the job market of these fields is not as good as other well-known fields such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, intelligence field, pharmacy field, radiology field, but it is not that there is no job opportunity for them at all.

In this article, we tried to talk about this field, the conditions of studying in it, job positions, top universities, etc., so that you can measure the conditions by reading it and make the final decision.

The nature of acting

Perhaps among their surroundings, they have seen children who are very interested in acting, and constantly play games in the field of acting. This interest in this profession in some children disappears with adulthood, but in others it remains as strong. People who are talented in this profession, from the very childhood, can take free acting courses.

An actor must convey the movement of a character or situations to the audience through speech, body language. Usually, actors perform the texts of the author or director. Although in some scenes, the type of text or character may be such that the actor is required to improvise.

Is it necessary to have a university education to enter the acting profession?

If you search the internet, you can see that many actors do not have a college education in acting, but they are able to shine in this profession because they know the technical basics of the profession. These people are really rare and it cannot be said with absolute certainty that you can enter this profession if you study in any field.

People who have a university degree in this field have a scientific view of this profession and understand many practical concepts better, even because of continuous classroom exercises and being with prominent professors of the acting profession, they can increase their chances to enter Marketers of this profession multiply. In general, we must say that having a university degree, talent and interest, continuous practice; 3 sides of the simile is a person’s success in this profession.

Does the acting field have a practical test?

Acceptance in this field, such as composition field, visual communication field, textile design field, stage design, photography field, clothing design field, writing and painting field, sculpture field, painting field, puppet show field, Iranian music playing field, and music playing field Global is semi-focused and those interested in this field must prepare for the practical exam in addition to passing the national entrance exam. People who have participated in free acting courses since they were children or teenagers can pass the scientific interview stage more easily due to having more knowledge about the topics.

In childhood, many children are interested in role-playing and dream of becoming a star. Parents soon notice their child’s interest, they think that the child must have an acting talent, and they keep taking him to different places for auditions. Some of these children are very talented, and some are really not; They only play for themselves in childhood.

The acting profession is a very sensitive profession, along with attractions like becoming famous, and you can’t just say that because everyone around me liked my acting roles when I was a child or teenager, I will become a good actor.

Among the skills and competencies required for an actor are good communication and listening skills, punctuality, self-confidence, the ability to speak in public and in front of the camera, the ability to analyze and interpret roles, being interested in teamwork for cooperation. With the team, he mentioned the spirit of accepting positive and negative criticism from the audience, personal discipline, enduring hardship due to working long hours, having at least a few additional skills such as playing music, singing, driving, etc.

To succeed in acting, you must be stubborn and determined, willing to gain any kind of experience and take advantage of any opportunity.

Introduction of acting trends

According to the publication of the 1400-1999 bachelor’s and master’s national entrance exam book on the site of the Sanseh Organization, this field in the undergraduate and master’s degrees does not have a trend and is offered publicly.

The job market and career future of acting in Iran

One of the most important issues that a person thinks about before choosing a field is the job market situation of that field. If I want to be honest, this profession does not have a guaranteed and great job market. Most of the students who enter this field hope to act in movies and appear on television, but due to limitations in the type of scripts, the selection of actors, costs, and other things, these students cannot do it well. enter the labor market and face many challenges.

Also, these so-called people must eat a lot of stage dust in order to have enough skill to accept and play the role. Also, even very experienced people may work seasonally and not have a job at times of the year, so these people should think of a second job for themselves.

Career opportunities in the field of acting

Graduates of this field can, in addition to acting in movies, teach this profession as acting coaches in open schools and culture centers. Considering that this field is very popular, there are a lot of applicants to participate in these classes, especially in the summer season when students are closed, they are more willing to participate in these classes. If these people are creative and have a good pen, they can write plays in the form of theater and perform them in cooperation with cultural centers and earn money through ticket sales.

Income and salaries of acting in Iran

These people do not have a definite and fixed income, for some work they may receive a good salary and for some other work, they may receive a lower income. Factors such as amount of hours, experience, reputation, amount of hours of execution and… It affects the income of these people. The average income of these people can start from 3 million tomans and by accepting big jobs, they can earn up to 50 million.

Top acting universities in Iran

Based on the publication of the 2019 art department national entrance examination booklet on the website of the Organization of Sensing; acting field in 4 universities; Tehran University, Zabol University, Art University, Shahid Bahonar University-Kerman are offered. University of Tehran and University of Arts are among the best universities offering this field in Iran.

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