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Adrián Khalifé Promotes Companies through voice-overs to Popularize Brands Among Latino Community




Adrián Khalifé is a Chilean Ecuadorian well-known voice-over artist with clients all around the globe. Khalifé has to his credit of promoting a large number of famous global brands.

In an interview, Khalifé speaks about his voice-over skill and related issues. The interview runs as follows:

Question: Can you please tell the readers about the brands that you have promoted, so far?

Answer: Sure, I have been lucky enough to lend my voice for a good amount of international brands of goods and services. I have promoted Coca-Cola, Nintendo, KLM, Wix, and Amazon Alexa, among others for the Latin American countries. And also I have recorded in English with Latino accent for Hispanic markets in the US. You might notice that these brands belong to different segments of consumer goods and services and I love that because not only do I learn a lot from different fields, but also It has helped me become more versatile. 

Question: How important is the Latino community in America for different international companies?

Answer: The Latino community is very vibrant in the USA. They constitute a large portion of the overall demography of the country. Naturally, they are a big chunk of buyers of different consumer goods and services. Subsequently, a lot of international brands would like to be linked with them. That is the reason the big global brands need to advertise to optimize their reach among the Latino community. Here, we see the importance of bilingual voice-overs in Spanish and English with a wide variety of Latin accents, meaning the Mexican or Puerto Rican ones, and the ability to read Spanglish scripts. 

Question: What role voice-over plays in brand promotion?

Answer: The vocal element, when needed, can help make your message more relatable. Many brands have chosen a voice for very long advertising campaigns and that has made the difference. Remember the voice behind ‘’EA Sports, it’s in the game’’, or ‘’Chevrolet, find new roads’’? Or how about having Morgan Freeman reading your script?
Choosing the right Latino accent helps to bring a brand closer to the Hispanic consumers in the USA. We know the Latino community, being a sizable part of the demography of the country, is very much lucrative as far as the markets of different top brands are concerned. But the message of their audio-visual promotion cannot play well unless the voice-over tones, dictions, or styles in any language are crystal clear. 

Question: How has the voice-over industry changed now that every company in the world needs a digital presence?

Answer: There is an ill-conceived notion that when you’re hiring a VO artist you’re only paying for the action of speaking into the mic. But the fact of the matter is that when I quote I need to consider where and for how long the recording will be used. Before people considered TV and radio to be the strongest media outlets and now Social Media and websites have taken over.    

To answer your question, more media outlets mean more broadcasting rights hence more income for the VO industry. 

Also, I have managed to make my own business 100% online. 


Through this lively interview carried out with Adrián Khalifé, the readers can realize how voice-over artists can impact consumers and make the message more relatable, particularly depending on which Latino consumers you want to target. 

Such voice-overs widen the market of these brands and convert the trade queries of the online sales platforms into actual business by converting queries into actual sales. 

In fact, the voice-over is an excellent way to convey directly to the consumers about a brandand keep the audience familiar with it. Here, the capability of Adrián Khalifé needs a special mention. He has played a vibrant role in the market promotion of different companies for their goods and services among the Spanish-speaking Latino community of the USA and Latin American countries. 

You can follow Adrian Khalife official website to know more about him.

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