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Advice for Expanding Your business in 2024



Advice for Expanding Your business in 2024

This is the perfect time to start organizing your marketing strategies if you haven’t already. Discover how to create a 2024 marketing strategy that will propel your company to new heights with today’s small business tips.

Raise Your Spending on Social Media Promotion

In 2024, 94% of businesses anticipate raising their spending on social media advertising. You need to have a sizable social media budget if you want to connect with both your target audience and your followers. Your monthly advertising budget for Facebook and Instagram combined should be between $250 and $1,250 for local businesses catering to the Milwaukee market.

Don’t Think of “Mobile” as Limited to Smartphones

An additional 11% of Americans are expected to own wearable mobile devices in 2024 (think smartwatches). As these platforms develop, keep an eye out for strategies to reach these consumers.

Embrace Text-Messaging Marketing

Make a strategy to think about texting. Text message ROIs can be astronomical! Five minutes are enough to read 97% of texts! Think carefully about the text you write, how long it is, what your call to action is, and stay away from spam.

Create Additional Videos

Customers are four times more likely to prefer watching a product video than reading about it in print. Consumers who receive video-rich email newsletters are half as likely to read them. A quick tip is to make the video brief.

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