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Agency Aurora, a top-notch agency advertising account provider, illuminates the advertising realm



Jacob Clyburn Attempts to Reset the Guidelines Set by Traditional Advertising Agencies via Aurora Agency 2

Agency Aurora offers clients an unparalleled advertising experience. They connect clients with leading media platforms and offer a seamless ad account management experience.

Jacob Clyburn Attempts to Reset the Guidelines Set by Traditional Advertising Agencies via Aurora Agency 1

Isn’t it astonishing to notice the rise of a few businesses across sectors around the world? Even more astonishing is how most of these brands and companies have faced multiple challenges, overcome them, and gone ahead in pushing boundaries in their sectors, only to become inspirational success stories for others. What better than Agency Aurora to serve as an example here?

Agency Aurora is considered to be one of the leading providers of advertising solutions to global businesses. It is today the biggest agency advertising account provider in the market for all the right reasons. Its consistent rise to the top can be attributed to CEO Jacob Clyburn’s visionary ideas, innovative solutions, and the quest to always offer something unique to each client.

Jacob Clyburn Attempts to Reset the Guidelines Set by Traditional Advertising Agencies via Aurora Agency 1 1

After finding a gap in the ad world and looking at how clients face advertising issues, this guy who started his journey in the e-commerce space six years ago faced several obstacles, learned from them, and decided to create Aurora as a one-stop platform for clients’ agency advertising account management requirements. Today, Agency Aurora is partnered with major social media platforms like Google, Meta, TikTok, and more than 30+ platforms. They excel at providing high-quality agency advertising accounts to hundreds of clients across diverse industries worldwide.

Recounting his initial days in the e-commerce world, Jacob Clyburn says that while he ran multiple e-commerce brands at a large scale, he experienced several issues during advertising, like unclear policies, disabled advertising accounts, high advertising costs, and a lack of support. Searching for a long-term solution, he discovered agency advertising accounts, and after carrying out massive research, he established Agency Aurora.

Though Jacob Clyburn experienced various challenges on his journey, like scaling his ad campaigns, facing obstacles in building teams and hiring qualified employees, and failing businesses, he is glad of the experiences and lessons he learned along the way. These experiences helped him learn, unlearn, and relearn many things, which eventually helped him create his own success path with Aurora.

“Our team’s ability to adapt well to situations has helped us stand apart. Also, my varied experiences in the field, ability to adapt to new trends and changes, and ability to overcome challenges with modern-day approaches have helped my clients win,” he shares.

Three years ago, he started everything from scratch, serving as a support to his e-com brands. Today, the agency has a growing global presence across the UK, Bulgaria, Serbia, Cambodia, Philippines, Belgium, Georgia, Romania, and Hong Kong. It has employed 30+ full-time employees and is one of the biggest agency advertising accounts providers in the industry.

Aurora’s in-house proprietary technology, which assists clients with the entire advertising ecosystem, has further solidified its position in the industry. It helps clients increase profitability on media campaigns.

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