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Ahmad A Najar, CEO of CatchFood has changed food ordering online




CEO of CatchFood Ahmad A Najar believes in pursuing the dreams with all his might. He is the founder of and CatchFood. He founded the famous food delivery app CatchFood in 2015. Since then, he has been busy fine-tuning and upgrading the service to bring in fresh waves of convenience and freedom for his customers and business owners.

Catchfood is a leading online and mobile food-ordering app in the middle east with the most comprehensive restaurant partners’ network to help small business owners succeed. It has opened new opportunities for growth in the food and restaurant industry. Today, Najar’s zero commissions model and unlimited orders are again changing the game for the better.

Ahmad A Najar was born in Jordan in March 1989. He nurtured a liking for agriculture at the young age of ten. His siblings are Atieh A Najar, Riyad A Najar, Education has been from Al-Quds Open University, An Najah National University, and then he studied from Washington State University for business education.

He grew up in the technology inspired age and considered himself a website developer. Determined to pursue his passions, Najar worked hard to persevere and achieve his goals.

At his family’s Greek food Restaurant, Ahmad A Najar began to look for new internet technologies to assist with order management during rush hours. Eventually, CatchFood took shape in 2015, and Najar did not need to look back ever since.

One of the milestone events was when CatchFood was ranked amongst the top 100 global startups in 2019. CatchFood processed around 6 million orders and has more than 2 million subscribers. It stands out amongst all other food ordering apps, because it enables users to connect directly with restaurants and their menus. A direct connection puts the customers in control and makes them feel comfortable.

A customer can have multiple and easy ways to make payments directly to merchants for each order. Ahmad Najar is a food tech entrepreneur who has relished early success. Najar has kept making long strides and lately launched the food delivery service and app in the market of the Middle East. The service has swiftly acquired over 10,000 restaurants to select from and has partnerships with multiple big brands such as Subway, Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC, and Papa John’s. The countries it serves include Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan.

Ahmad A Najar wants to share that dreams aren’t a pure fantasy but derive from real-world events, goals, and occurrences. For him, being a dreamer isn’t to live in one’s own world but to hold power. Dreams are the most powerful motivating strength of life.

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