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Akmal Mamarahimov invests in and helps his home region



Akmal Mamarahimov invests in and helps his home region

Akmal Mamarahimov is a businessman from Urgench, Khorezm region of Uzbekistan. This year he spent more than $127,000 to overhaul the children’s department of the central hospital.

According to Tashaev – the local mayor, Mamarahimov’s men completely renovated the pediatric ward of the hospital and equipped it with modern furniture, household appliances and medical supplies.

Mamarahimov himself was not present at the commissioning ceremony, as he was involved in the launch of plywood production in Fergana. However, as Tashaev notes, upon his return to Urgench, the businessman promised to allocate funds to also repair the maternity ward and the ambulance station.

In Uzbekistan, it is not uncommon for residents to spend their savings on socially significant facilities. At the end of December last year, with the participation of the heads of villages, two rural schools were opened, built at the expense of local businessmen – $2.23 million and $2.76 million, respectively, were invested in the construction. New schools and an inter-district hospital were also constructed in the Khorezm region in July of this year, and a new highway was erected at the expense of the entrepreneurs called the Pirov brothers.

Akmal Mamarahimov invests in and helps his home region 1

In addition to his philanthropy, Akmal Mamarahimov has been involved in the development of a 120-hectare farm in the Vabken district of the Bukhara region and has played a role in the meat industry in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

These accomplishments demonstrate his dedication to success and his commitment to using his resources to make a positive difference. It is important to recognize and appreciate the good that Akmal Mamarahimov has done for his community and to highlight the positivity of his actions in order to inspire others to follow in his footsteps.

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