Often, we are accustomed to think that beauty and intelligence travel on two separate tracks. Fortunately, this is not always the case. Alice Veglio, an international model, entrepreneur, and fitness coach, defeated this cliché.

Equipped with character and determination, Alice has been brought to the ballet since childhood. At 14, a spinal rotation diagnosis of 27 degrees seems to break her dreams forever. But Alice does not give up because she cannot accept being immobilized. 

With discipline and willpower, she avoids surgery and invests all her energy to achieve physical and emotional well-being. 

Many years later, she attended a Bachelor’s degree course at the Leonardo Da Vinci University in Rome. After that, she took part in some relevant sporting institutions, as the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) and The American College of Sports Medicine.

Alice matures a significant change, starts her career as a model, and develops managerial and entrepreneurial skills, thanks to outstanding experiences such as the internship at the government offices in Dubai at 18.

She is also ready to get involved in competitions. However, she has never liked regular competitions aimed at highlighting only the physical aspect.

In early 2019, Alice discovered Miss Multiverse, an international competition that rewards intelligence, entrepreneurship, and physical endurance beyond aesthetics. The competition requirements to be among the most beautiful, intelligent, and strong women in the world? The possession of at least a degree, a minimum height of 1.75, and an athletic physique.

A path started in February 2019 with the first selections. 

The selections began in February 2019, and Alice passed all the tests. After two years of waiting, Italy was back in the world championship as one of the thirty countries represented.

The competition’s last stages were held from late November to mid-December in a resort in Punta Cana, a location overlooking the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. 

Alice faced the preliminary challenges until she reached the top ten. Those challenges comprised extreme physical testing, IQ testing, management, and business trials

Alice achieved outstanding results, especially at The last woman standing challenge, which included intense physical endurance sessions combined with military training.

Aosta Valley’s young participant struggles with all her strength and resists for 5 hours and 45 minutes, placing third.

Last December 19, at Coco Bongo in Punta Cana, the final prize-giving ceremony took place. Alice returned to Dubai, where she now lives, with the crown of Miss Power Woman and the runner-up to Miss Multiverse. 

She also distinguished herself in the cultural trials, winning the Miss Socio-Economic Debate and Miss Social Media category.

However relevant, Alice has shown that physical beauty is not the only factor to be valued with Miss Multiverse’s experience. Indeed, it is essential to focus on other aspects, such as understanding the socioeconomic variables, facing extreme physical trials, and embarking on new and unknown adventures. 

According to Alice’s philosophy of life, it is essential to give space to female empowerment. Once insecurities and fears are left behind, no goal is unattainable for the most tenacious women. To unlock our potential, we need to bring out the right mental levers and face adversity with courage and determination because it doesn’t matter where we start but where we want to go.

Alice’s success story teaches us we must not give in to pessimism and the canons of a society that points the finger at us and feels that we cannot do it.

Today, Alice is a full-fledged entrepreneur running Bright & Fit, a holistic fitness start-up that uses modern digital tools to teach over 15,000 female customers the correct balance between beauty, fitness, and nutritional quality.