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Amir Ugo, a prominent Iranian rapper, comments on the underground music



Amir Ugo a prominent Iranian rapper comments on the underground music

I will explain about underground and popular music. Underground music is not limited to rap! It is completely wrong to think that only underground rap, in genres such as rock and metal, there are works that are part of underground music, hip hop as a culture that has underground music in it, rap as a tool It offers protest and underground rap makes sense.

But the underground artist:

More or less the level of sales of works, the number of visits to the works, the number of followers, the number of followers on Instagram, none of them has an effect on being popular or being underground.

So these issues have nothing to do with being underground or popular.

To better understand this issue, it is better to research the views of artists, to study their works carefully, to study, to know different criteria.

How many people have read the articles written by Bahram so far? By reading these articles, one can clearly understand the artist’s point of view and realize that he is underground or popular, follows the public line of thought, or considers the root of the problems.

This stabilizes the position of an artist in hip hop, it can help you understand who is underground and who is popular.

But being underground is not a reason to be superior!

It is completely wrong to want to mention being popular as a bad trait! Most rap audiences are popular rap fans, but over time their tastes may change and they become interested in underground rap.

This makes popular rap important as a gateway to real rap!

But your prejudice about being underground or the popularity of your favorite artist does not change anything and you have to accept that.

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