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An Exclusive Interview with Oman’s Rising Music Star, SoGang



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In a world where the music industry is saturated with talent, it can be difficult to make a name for yourself. Alireza Ezazil, popularly known as SoGang, has managed to do just that. This Omani music star is quickly gaining popularity with his soulful lyrics and unique sound.

In this exclusive interview, SoGang opens up about his music career, his influences, and how he balances his music with other talents like fashion, YouTubing, and photography. SoGang also shares his plans for the future and what he hopes to achieve with his music.

The conversation we had was as follows:

Can you share your journey to becoming a successful artist?

I started when I was 18, and like all young people, I wanted to have my music, and it was always the sound of my music that was played at all parties. First, I started learning on the Internet, and subsequently, I started studying and attending training classes daily. Today, I have gotten to the place that I love, and the same songs that help me get here are healing the soul of my audience.

What are your musical influences

I’m influenced by many things, but my major source of inspiration to date is the world around me. I am inspired by the fact that we only live once, so we must enjoy every bit of it. We came to create something in this life. Look around, the lips of the world with different colours and smells, something that can feel it!

The Music Industry is known to be saturated. What do you think you offer that makes you unique?

I offer my soul in my music. I also think that the fact that I’m from Oman and not from a major city gives me an advantage. There is a certain authenticity to my music that people can connect with. I have stories to tell, and I do this with the sound of my music.

Many people believe that the music industry is cutthroat and ruthless. What has your experience been?

So far, my experience has been great. As long as you have solid talent and are true to yourself, the industry will embrace you. I believe in karma and that if you do good things, good things will come your way. When I started, I had nothing, and the quality of my music was not really good, but time will teach you, and you have to be patient. Nothing will come of it overnight. I always advise newbies in the industry to work hard, trust the process and never give up.

What obstacles have you faced so far, and how did you overcome them?

 All upcoming artists will face some challenges on their way to success. I believe these obstacles are what make your success better. Therefore, I didn’t see these challenges as obstacles but as opportunities to prove myself. For instance, I have faced the obstacles of people not knowing who I am or my music.

Also, I believe you need the best appliances when making music, and this may not be readily available when you start from scratch. You will probably need to upgrade your system and use better instruments to see positive results. For me, I was able to upgrade my system by renting and working. I added my work ethic by consistently releasing new content online. This has helped me grow as an artist today.

How do you juggle music and other passions?

I believe that one should never put all their eggs in one basket. So, I try to balance my music with other passions and talents. Although music is my first love, I actually started music last. In 2015, I was into photography, and I did lots of advertising photos and videos for many companies, many of which I still work with today. I am also an affiliate streamer on Twitch and YouTube, where I make vlogs, music, fashion, reaction, and lifestyle content for my fans. My channel has over 250,000 subscribers and has been running since 2018. I also showed my passion and love for fashion by introducing a new clothing brand made by “Baha Group”. Baha is my personal brand, and it is based in Oman.

What are your future plans for your music career?

I want to take my music to the next level. So, I try to be better every day than yesterday, and I try to present music to my good audience alongside other best artists.


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