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Andriy Dovbenko, TechExchange: a New Era for UK-Ukrainian Technological Collaboration Has Started



Andriy Dovbenko, TechExchange a New Era for UK Ukrainian Technological Collaboration Has Started

TechExchange, founded in 2023 by Andriy Dovbenko, a UK-based Ukraine-born investor aims to revolutions the AgriTech and DefenceTech sectors by helping startups from the UK and Ukraine connect with investors, find new customers outside their native markets and get media interest.

With TechExchange, Ukrainian companies gain an invaluable opportunity to increase their international profile and leverage the UK’s robust technological ecosystem. In contrast, UK companies benefit from real-world testing environments in Ukraine, providing critical data on technology performance under actual field conditions.

This programme is critical, especially considering the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the impending need for rebuilding efforts. Agriculture, which accounted for a substantial portion of Ukraine’s exports and employment pre-war, is a focus area. TechExchange will play a pivotal role in re-establishing Ukraine as a leading global agricultural producer, which is crucial for the nation’s economic resurgence.

TechExchange’s network is extensive, featuring entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, and legal experts. This network is instrumental in expediting the process of bringing new technologies to market. By connecting these startups with capital and influential individuals, TechExchange aims to ensure rapid commercialization and adoption of groundbreaking technologies in defence and agriculture, sectors vital for Ukraine’s present and future stability.

The essence of TechExchange lies in its ability to foster a symbiotic relationship between Ukrainian and UK startups. 

Startups from the UK involved in the TechExchange initiative will have the chance to conduct practical in-field testing in Ukraine, and they’ll be connected with early-stage investors as well as larger ecosystem networks. These startups will be financially supported to cover the costs of deploying technology for in-field testing. Expert mentors will be available to provide guidance on business strategies and offer feedback on their pitch decks. Additionally, these UK startups will have the opportunity to attend major networking and deep-tech events, with the programme offering sponsorship for one such event each quarter, capped at £1,000 per ticket. Regularly scheduled quarterly office hours and comprehensive media relations support are also provided to the startups.

Ukrainian startups, on the other hand, will receive benefits that include direct access to major tech events and visibility in the UK market for seed grants and startup competitions. They will also benefit from mentorship and expert advice for business development and pitch deck enhancement. Like their UK counterparts, they are eligible for sponsorship to attend key tech events quarterly. Opportunities to engage with relevant media outlets and participate in quarterly office hours sessions are also included.

Andriy Dovbenko’s leadership is a key factor in the initiative’s potential success. His background as a Ukrainian-born, UK-based former lawyer and investor in agriculture and technology provides him with a unique perspective on the intersection of these industries with digital innovation.

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