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Antonin – A Relatable Antihero from The Destruction of Time



Antonin – A Relatable Antihero from The Destruction of Time

Antiheroes are not conventional heroes with immense power, selflessness, and strong morality. They are grey characters fighting against their own moral dilemmas. They are a reflection of the human condition. Although they try their best to act like conventional heroes, they also have a dark side. Antiheroes are no ideals but characters that are relatable to the readers.

One of the latest additions to the list of antiheroes is Antonin, one of the fundamental characters of Aritra Jana’s futuristic dystopian fiction, “Destruction of Time.” It is a story about a man who starts at rock bottom, reaches his desired height, uses his power, forsakes it, and abuses it to hit rock bottom again.

We have an overnight hero who turns into a pitiful person only because they did not fathom the complexity and value of time. Antonin clearly depicts how duplicitous and selfish people can be and how long they can go to satisfy their egos. Here is a breakdown of Antonin’s persona and how it reflects the nature of an ordinary man.

He Is at Odds with Society

Initially, in the book, Antonin is not happy with how his adult life is going. He expected a greater life like his grandparents. But the growing inflation and deteriorating society have him thinking otherwise. The beginning of Aritra’s book shows his inner dialogue and how he feels that his job as a clerk has not benefited him in any way.

He never appreciated how his social life evolved, from dropping out of college to taking up a not-so-lucrative job; Antonin believes that society has done nothing for him. Antonin is angry. Despite having a happy childhood, his adult life is uninspiring.

He Is Motivated by Self-interest

He dreams of becoming the next billionaire using his pay raise at work. Still, the growing inflation leaves him only pennies to pay for gas and food. With no concrete future planning, Antonin only drags himself from day to day. His life takes a turn when he becomes a pivotal part of the League of Fighters, promoting an agenda against foreign infiltration of the US.

He is exhausted by his previous suffering and believes the League of Fighters presents a way forward. Ironically, he never even lifted a finger to better himself before and always blamed the foreigners, even though the poor community only comprised 3% of the country’s population. 

Veering Down a Self-Destructive Path

Like humans, Antonin also lures himself toward doom with his self-destructive behavior. From his ego and greed to his addiction to drugs, he does everything to himself without batting an eye. We see this behavior in many people around us who let themselves rot away in the haze of addiction, greed, and seeking external validation.

Everybody shows these traits at least once in their life, as does Antonin – which is what makes him a pivotal part of the story. Will Antonin ever be free from self-destruction, or will he become another pitiful example for future generations? This recognizable, relatable, yet at-odds antihero is the focal point of Aritra Jana’s dystopian fiction, “Destruction of Time.”

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