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Apple event 2020 goes live virtually tonight; what is expected to see



Apple event 2020 goes live virtually today what is expected to see

Apple has affirmed it will host a launch later today – virtually. The Apple Store is down and the organization a week ago carried an invite for Sept. 15 at 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. UK). On Tuesday, Apple will update us with new versions of older products and perhaps flaunt some new ones too. Everything except for new iPhones and Macintosh PCs, which are expected at a different event in October.

The Apple event starts at 10 a.m. PDT and will be streamed on Apple’s website, YouTube channel, and the Apple app for Apple TV. It will likewise be recorded and archived on

The organization is required to present updated iPads and Apple Watch editions, potentially AirPod over-the-ear earphones, and Apple’s interpretation of the Tile Bluetooth key finder. Missing will be the new iPhone models, which have been deferred for an October release. Apple is relied upon to have a different iPhone event in October.

One major distinction: This will be the first Apple product uncover in the iPhone period that won’t be done before a live, venerating crowd. Rather, it will include pre-recorded demos, over two hours.

The iPhone is Apple’s greatest income generator, by a wide margin, trailed by Services, the division that hounds clients to upgrade their iCloud storage, watch iTunes movie rentals, and subscribe to its Music service. No. 3 is iPads, trailed by Macs and Apple’s Wearables division, which incorporates Apple Watch and the AirPods Bluetooth buds.

A more critical look:

Apple Watch

Prepare for Series 6 of the Watch, which is relied upon to be more about software than hardware. While the watch will have an all the more remarkable processing chip, as per Tim Bajarin, an examiner with Creative Strategies, the big seller will be health features, he says.

It is relied upon to have the option to identify blood oxygen level, as per source code 9to5 found in the iOS 14 mobile operating system update.

Watch clients could get an improved electrocardiogram highlight to check the heart rate.

Apple’s program of Apple Watches at present has Series 5 beginning at $399 and Series 3, the edition from 2017, for $199. Bloomberg says Apple will supplant Series 3 with another lower-end Watch, one that will incorporate the health features of the more costly watches.


The 9to5Mac blog sees Apple putting a large portion of its consideration on a modified and diverse looking iPad Air, that will be sans a Home button and Face ID, rather using the older Touch ID, however, this time incorporated with the side button of the tablet.

This proposes Apple could offer this feature on the new iPhones coming in October also, as Face ID has demonstrated risky in the COVID-19 period since it can’t perceive faces with masks on.

Engadget recommends the new iPad Air, with an edge-to-edge display, could be as extensive as the top-of-the-line, 11-inch iPad Pro, with greater bezels however sold at a much cheaper point, $499 to the current $799 for the Pro.

The iPad line begins at an economical $329 for the entry-level model, with the Air in a middle position between the least expensive and most costly models. Be that as it may, the Air looks “dated” as per 9to5, and giving it a “more modern look,” would help Apple seriously, the website says.


Might we be able to see different products at the event too? Apple devotee online blogs propose over-the-ear earphones, called AirPods Studio, could join the lineup alongside the since quite a while ago reputed AppleTags, Apple’s clone of the Tile Bluetooth key tracker. Apple likewise could release an updated HomePod, the smart speaker Apple acquainted in mid-2018 with a take on Amazon Echo and Google speakers. It as of now sells for $299.

Hidden clues in the invite

The tag line “Time Flies” on the invitation hints that the Apple Watch will be the headliner of this event. But at the same time, there’s an exceptionally clear nod to augmented reality. Tapping on the event logo in Safari prompts the date of the event, 9.15, to show up as an AR animation. This could allude to a time-of-flight sensor that was reputed to go to the iPhone this year, similar to the one on the 2020 iPad Pro. Or on the other hand, it could hint at more ARKit abilities on the following iPad Air, which is likewise reputed to get a revive at this event.

We can dismember the invite throughout the day, yet the only thing we know for certain is the time and date of this event. If 2020 has shown us something, it’s that we truly can’t preclude anything. Rather, we should focus on what we know at this moment.

A few Apple Watches and iPads in the pipeline

Apple has recorded different versions of the iPad and Apple Watch with the Eurasian Economic Commission, as initially detailed by French tech site Comsomac. Previously, filings have given a genuinely precise understanding of what Apple might be launching next.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is relied upon to have better battery life for more robust sleep tracking, and at least one new health tracking feature. The most grounded gossip is by all accounts about new SpO2 or blood oxygen level tracking.

The other shock might be a less expensive version of the Apple Watch, conceivably called the Apple Watch SE, with a similar look and feel as the flow Series 3. It’s feasible it would cost the equivalent, beginning at $200, yet accompany a more current processor.

The most recent rumors about the iPad Air refresh point a bigger screen without bezels and a comparable design to the current Pro model. That implies flat edges and no home button. Instead of supplanting Touch ID with Face ID, rumors highlight a Touch ID sensor integrated into the side button. The updated iPad would likely additionally get an upgraded processor, as the current Air despite everything uses Apple’s older A10 chip. It might likewise change to USB-C rather than a Lightning connector like the iPad Pro. The better processor would enable more ARKit capabilities, however not exactly as advanced as what you get from the iPad Pro with its depth-sensing lidar scanner.

Software: WatchOS 7 and iPadOS 14 may get a full release

With the Apple Watch 6 and iPad Air out in the wild, it would just make sense for Apple to release their relating OS updates also.

Releasing the last version of WatchOS 7 is a no-brainer. This update enables sleep following on tracking Apple Watches (Series 3 or higher) and incorporates another hand-washing feature. Releasing only iPadOS all alone would be precarious because it’s so interwoven with iOS 14, so Apple may stand by to launch the new mobile OS close by the new iPhone 12 in October.

New fitness service and a bundle called Apple One

A year ago Apple bet everything with subscription services like Apple TV Plus, News Plus, and Apple Arcade, and we might not have said a final farewell to it. Apple is reputed to launching a new fitness service with guided exercises, generally outfitted to the Apple Watch, yet additionally accessible to stream on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. There are a lot of third-party applications that do this as of now, yet this one would be Apple-branded and straightforwardly coordinated with the Health application, like what Fitbit offers with its Premium subscription service that costs $10 every month.

Furthermore, if every one of that seems like subscription overload, there’s a group for that. Apple is likewise supposed to launching a new subscription services bundle called Apple One. 9to5Google even discovered a reference of this covered up in the code of the Android version of Apple Music.

Different products that could show up

There’s likewise a chance of one more thing toward the finish of the virtual presentation. If that is the situation, here are a couple of different products we’ve been hearing gossipy tidbits about that could show up. Arranged by most to least likely:

  • AirTag trackers: Tile tracker competitors to track lost items
  • AirPods Studio: Over-the-ear headphones with the AirPods name
  • HomePod Mini: A smaller, cheaper HomePod
  • 13-inch MacBook Pro
  • Apple’s long-awaited AR glasses

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