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Apple Music presents ‘Daily Top 100: Global’ City Charts to rank Top 25 Song Playlists and new features for its subscribers



Apple Music presents Daily Top 100 Global City Charts to rank Top 25 Song Playlists and new features for its subscribers

Apple Music today presents City Charts, becoming one of the first streaming platforms to feature the music that is producing attention above 100 cities around the world. City Charts show up on Apple Music’s Charts page, which incorporates its Daily Top 100: Global and for 116 countries; album, top songs and music video charts in different genres; plus iTunes, Shazam Discovery Top 50, and Shazam’s Top 200s.

Though standard charts rank music dependent on several plays, Apple Music City Charts consolidate plays and different signs of local popularity to rank the top 25 songs that are acquiring momentum among audience members locally, which features the local culture and individual music scenes of every one of the cities they represent. With City Charts, Apple Music carries local and global artists to the front line of a new destination for music discovery.

Updated daily, City Charts show up on the Apple Music Charts page and are available through the Browse or Search pages, or by asking Siri to play a city chart – to play the Lagos chart, simply say “Hi Siri, play Top 25: Lagos”. Users can likewise add their #1 City Charts to their library, download them, and share them with their companions.

Close by the launch, Apple Music pushes out a string of new features for its subscribers, which are intended to advance the music listening experience.

Among the new additions, clients would now be able to filter their searches by record labels and share lyrics using Messages, Facebook, and Instagram Stories.

A month ago, Apple Music discreetly launched “Behind the Songs,” a new virtual shout out to songwriters, producers, and session musicians and their often unrecognized work, with APRA Award-winning songwriter Sarah Aarons and New Zealand hitmaker Joel Little among the initial homegrown champions celebrated with “Local Songbook” playlists.

The City Charts are the latest addition to Apple Music’s exceptional chart offering, which incorporates its Daily Top 100: Global and for 116 countries; album charts, best songs and music videos of various genres; and the iTunes charts, Shazam Discovery Top 50 and Top 200 of Shazam, Discovery, Cities, and Genre in his portfolio. With this chart-leading variety, Apple Music is remarkably positioned to capture the spirit of the music age and reflect what is genuinely popular around the world.

Apple Music’s Daily Top 100 chart has become one of the most-played playlists on the platform since its launch, with more than 4,000 songs by more than 2,200 artists from 130+ genres that have arrived at the number 1 position in at least one of them.

The City Charts Apple Music include:


  • Top 25: Accra, Ghana
  • Top 25: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Top 25: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Top 25: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Top 25: Durban, South Africa
  • Top 25: Johannesburg, South Africa

Pacific Asia

  • Top 25: Brisbane, Australia
  • Top 25: Melbourne, Australia
  • Top 25: Sydney, Australia
  • Top 25: Guangzhou, China
  • Top 25: Shanghai, China
  • Top 25: Bangalore, India
  • Top 25: Delhi, India
  • Top 25: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Top 25: Fukuoka, Japan
  • Top 25: Nagoya, Japan
  • Top 25: Osaka, Japan
  • Top 25: Sapporo, Japan
  • Top 25: Sendai, Japan
  • Top 25: Tokyo, Japan
  • Top 25: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Top 25: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Top 25: Manila, Philippines
  • Top 25: Busan, South Korea
  • Top 25: Seoul, South Korea
  • Top 25: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Top 25: Bangkok, Thailand

Europe, Russia, and Central Asia

  • Top 25: Vienna, Austria
  • Top 25: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Top 25: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Top 25: Lyon, France
  • Top 25: Marseille, France
  • Top 25: Paris, France
  • Top 25: Bordeaux, France
  • Top 25: Berlin, Germany
  • Top 25: Frankfurt, Germany
  • Top 25: Hamburg, Germany
  • Top 25: Cologne, Germany
  • Top 25: Munich, Germany
  • Top 25: Budapest, Hungary
  • Top 25: Dublin, Ireland
  • Top 25: Milan, Italy
  • Top 25: Naples, Italy
  • Top 25: Rome, Italy
  • Top 25: Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Top 25: Warsaw, Poland
  • Top 25: Warsaw, Poland
  • Top 25: St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Top 25: Barcelona, ​​Spain
  • Top 25: Madrid, Spain
  • Top 25: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Top 25: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Top 25: Birmingham, UK
  • Top 25: Glasgow, UK
  • Top 25: Liverpool, UK
  • Top 25: London, UK
  • Top 25: Manchester, UK

Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Top 25: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Top 25: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Top 25: São Paulo, Brazil
  • Top 25: Santiago, Chile
  • Top 25: Bogotá, Colombia
  • Top 25: Medellín, Colombia
  • Top 25: San José, Costa Rica
  • Top 25: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Top 25: Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • Top 25: Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Top 25: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Top 25: Monterrey, Mexico
  • Top 25: Lima, Peru

Middle East

  • Top 25: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Top 25: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Top 25: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Top 25: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

United States and Canada

  • Top 25: Calgary, Canada
  • Top 25: Edmonton, Canada
  • Top 25: Montreal, Canada
  • Top 25: Ottawa, Canada
  • Top 25: Quebec City, Canada
  • Top 25: Toronto, Canada
  • Top 25: Vancouver, Canada
  • Top 25: Winnipeg, Canada
  • Top 25: Atlanta, United States
  • Top 25: Austin, United States
  • Top 25: Chicago, United States
  • Top 25: Dallas, United States
  • Top 25: Denver, United States
  • Top 25: Detroit, United States
  • Top 25: Honolulu, United States
  • Top 25: Houston, United States
  • Top 25: Los Angeles, United States
  • Top 25: Miami, United States
  • Top 25: Nashville, United States
  • Top 25: New York City, United States
  • Top 25: Philadelphia, United States
  • Top 25: Phoenix, United States
  • Top 25: San Diego, United States
  • Top 25: San Francisco, United States
  • Top 25: Seattle, United States
  • Top 25: Washington, DC, United States
  • Top 25: San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States

Today’s release additionally incorporates other new features for Apple Music subscribers:

  • Motion for artist detail pages: Artists would now be able to rejuvenate their personality to life on Apple Music by adding their own motion pictures to artist detail pages.
  • Share song lyrics: Share your favorite lyrics using Messages, Facebook and Instagram Stories. The lyrics that are sent are linked to the specific snapshot of the song, and subscribers can play the passage in Messages without leaving the discussion.
  • Record Label Pages: Dive into the most recent and hottest releases from many record names.
  • Record Label Search: Search presently shows record labels in the suggestions and top results of relevant searches. You can likewise use the new record label filter to fine-tune your results and find precisely the thing you’re searching for.
  • Explore other albums from your favorite labels: Albums released by selected labels currently have a link to the label page just below the song list.
  • Library made for you: Apple Music makes it significantly simpler to track down your personal mixes and Replay playlists with the “Made for you” shortcut in the Library.

The City Charts Apple Music and new features are accessible to all subscribers of Apple Music from today. Non-subscribers can see City Charts and preview songs on the official website.

Supported platforms incorporate iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, CarPlay, Apple Watch, Web, PC, Android phones and tablets, Android Auto, and select smart TVs.

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