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Aryan Shukla: A Magnificent Artist On Virtual Platform



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The Indian music industry is filled with talented singers. There are many roles related to singing, like being an artist or performer; but one can’t become famous without having that special something – whether it’s looks or voice quality- which sets them apart from others and wins over audiences’ hearts! However at times this field may be too tough for some aspiring talents who might not receive adequate attention due their location in society (scanty resources). But now all hope isn’t lost because there exists various platforms where artists get more visibility than before such as Spotify, Jio Saavn, Gaana & Apple Music.

Aryan Shukla is a singer, songwriter and entrepreneur. As an artist he has been able to touch the lives of many people through his music career while also running PR firms that help other artists get their deserved spotlight in this competitive industry. People are loving him even more after they found out about how talented Ayran really was because now every time one of his songs gets shared on social media there’s always someone ready with kind words or congratulations: “good job,””you deserve all your success,” etcetera!

Aryan has made his fame through the startup, The Media Segment from the past 5 years and with a new single “Saheba” in which he was responsible for music production. This song was loved by people all over India because of it’s lyrics as well as composition written by Rajjo Senpai and Devansh Pandey singing lead vocalist roles. In an interview Aryan said that there will be some big releases later this year and in the future with his team. To see and hear more of his music you can hear him on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, JioSaavn Gaana or any other service you subscribe to!

Aryan is an artist from India who has been working for the underdog industry. He wants to help talented artists reach their desired and deserved audience, which can be difficult due in part because of lack of resources or assets they may have. Along with helping these individuals through his business along with earnings and profits made internationally, clients provide support as well but it’s important not just focus on one side alone when trying make change happen- you must work together across borders.

We wish Aryan all of luck for future endeavors.; You can follow him on his Instagram @aryanshukla_06 or his blogs at Mentors Weekly

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