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Ara Salahi is an Iranian singer who combats addiction in Iran



Ara Salahi is an Iranian singer who combats addiction in Iran.

Ara Salahi is a pop-rock singer who is the only singer in Iran who participates in social work.

He visits the slums of Tehran every night and distributes food among addicts and drug users.

Ara personally pays for many addicts who cannot afford to pay in addiction treatment camps. He describes this as his personal interest and believes that a clean society free from addiction will be a healthy society for the future and children of the planet.

The motto of this Iranian social and protesting singer is: a clean part for the whole world and for the future of the planet.

His activities are mostly in the lower parts of the city and the poor of Iran.

Undoubtedly, apart from Ara Salahi’s activities in the field of combating addiction and social work, we should not forget his music, which has always been the voice of the poor people of Iran and is known as the voice of Iran.

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