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Asian-Canadian Actor Chase Tang Takes to Instagram To Show Support for Fellow Asian-Canadian Actor Simu Liu



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Los Angeles, California, USA, December 23, 2020, Over the weekend, commercials reported that Liu had signed up to work with Wahlberg in a new adventure film, Arthur the King. Many commentators have criticized Liu, who once spoke out against Wahlberg in a 2018 tweet about his 1988 attack on two Vietnamese men. Store. He was sentenced to three months in prison but released after serving almost 45 days.

Tang took the media and publicly defended Liu and apologized for his actions but said he sympathized with Liu in a difficult and challenging situation.

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Chase Tang as a Supervillain in Jupiter’s Legacy

Chase Tang grew up in Bedford and Upper Tantallon, N.S., after his family moved to Taiwan when he was younger. Growing up playing hockey, he then worked in the world of unity before turning to act. He has been cast as a villain in Jupiter’s Legacy, which will be his most prominent role so far.

Tang will star in Jupiter’s Legacy, starring Josh Duhamel, Ben Daniels, Leslie Bibb, Elena Kampouris, and Jamie Slater. The series will begin to be released in 2020.

Tang said he would not disclose much about the show program because of a strict non-disclosure agreement, but said it was about children of superheroes who could not follow their parents’ heritage.

“It has a personal part that I think everyone can relate to, and I think the audience will like it,” he said.

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