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Asma Hamza: Google Doodle Celebrates a Sudanese Composer and Oud Player



Celebrating Asma Hamza Google Doodle

Google celebrates Asma Hamza, a conspicuous Sudanese composer and oud player, with the Google Doodle on July 17, 2023. On this day in 1997, Hamza accomplished a surprising achievement by rising as one of the winners in the renowned Laylat AlQadr AlKubra music contest held in Sudan.

This essential triumph filled in as a vital turning point in her career, impelling her into the spotlight and gathering acknowledgment in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Hamza’s uncommon ability and commitment have without a doubt made a permanent mark on the world of music.

Asma Hamza, who was born in 1932, had a profound enthusiasm for music during her early stages and sustained a fantasy about seeking a career as a singer. Tragically, because of the constraints of her vocal cords, she needed to track down an elective method for communicating her musical talents.

This led her to progress from singing songs to ably whistling them. Seeing her great capacity to whistle as a unified whole, her father decided to lend her an oud — an instrument looking like a lute however with a slender neck and no frets — permitting Hamza to rehearse her melodic skills.

Asma Hamza had an exceptional ability to learn and play melodies on the oud, an instrument she had heard previously. With practically no proper preparation, she depended on her own memory and regular melodic ear to instruct herself. While her father was a strong supporter of her musical journey right all along, she confronted huge societal challenges.

In Sudan, it was not socially satisfactory for women to seek after music. Regardless of these snags, Asma Hamza strikingly created her absolute first piece covertly, stowed away according to society.

As Asma Hamza grew older, her enthusiasm for music bloomed further, driving her to create various songs for gifted Arab artists. Her compositions collected acknowledgment, and she became eminent as one of Sudan’s spearheading female writers.

Close by her compositional interests, Asma Hamza additionally committed herself to refining her abilities on the oud. In a vital achievement, she became one of the first women to get formal training in oud playing in 1946.

On July 17, 2023, Google featured a Google Doodle on its homepage to honor Asma Hamza.

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