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Asus has finally launched the ROG Phone 6



ROG Phone 6

Asus has finally launched the ROG Phone 6, the most recent gadget in its long-running gaming phone line. It unquestionably seems to be a beast of a phone for gamers while taking a gander at the spec sheet and feature list.

Between the new Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor, 6,000mAh battery, capacitive shoulder triggers, and 165Hz OLED screen, there’s a great deal to like. It even has a 3.5mm port! There’s likewise a Pro model, outfitted with additional RAM and an optional back display.

Presently things are altogether different. Today, if you need to have the most recent equipment knickknacks, you proceed to purchase a gaming phone. Believe it or not – these pups are quick to get high refresh rate displays, strong stereo speakers, the most recent processors, absurd measures of RAM, super-quick charging, further developed cooling, cool accessories, get the picture.

What’s the trick, then, at that point?

We published the ROG Phone 6 Pro review yesterday, and my colleague Rob Triggs felt that the organization without a doubt held nothing back for mobile gamers.

He did anyway take note that the Pro model was an extremely intense sell at €1,299 (~$1331) in Europe.

Costing this much, you’d expect a few features like wireless charging, a telephoto lens, and an IP68 rating. Yet, these features are missing here.

Presently, we usually don’t anticipate premium flagship additional items on a gaming phone.

All things considered, the general purpose of a gaming phone is to, well… play games! So resources are spent on the chipset, cooling, stuff like shoulder triggers, a major battery, and software.

However, your ordinary 2022 gaming phones like the Red Magic 7 series and Black Shark 5 Pro expense $800. It’s far simpler to pardon missing premium additional items at this price tag.

Gaming phones don’t exist in isolation

The ROG Phone 6 Pro is around $500 more costly than its opponents. That places it in a similar region as the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Indeed, you pass up refreshed silicon, capacitive shoulder triggers, and fantastic sustained execution (and a 3.5mm port), yet the S22 Ultra is as yet a decent decision for modern games.

Samsung’s phone likewise brings wireless charging, an incredible back camera system (including a 10x periscope camera), and an IP68 rating.

Asus is additionally bringing only two years of OS and security updates. For a phone that costs ~$1,300 and has 18GB of RAM.

Samsung is choosing four OS upgrades and five years of safety patches. Many different players like OnePlus and Xiaomi are bringing longer update responsibilities.

Consider the standard ROG Phone 6 all things being equal

Thankfully, the standard ROG Phone 6 is likewise a choice. It’s accessible at an undeniably more palatable £899 or €999.

It’s still somewhat costly contrasted with rival gaming phones and in line with the flagship phones.

However, those previously omissions are far simpler to pardon while you’re paying €300 not exactly the Pro version.

In saying as much, Asus actually hasn’t struck transporter partnerships for these phones.

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