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“As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.”

A dynamic man of the nation with multiple skills and a spirit to the serve the nation.  Mr atul kumar kushwaha was born in UP, INDIA.

Everyone has their own ways of getting started in life. He says “let it be a good situation or a bad, every situation gives us a learning which eventually helps us to grow”. Atul kushwaha has majestic learning potential. Due to complexities involved, the extensive body of knowledge required, and the rapidly changing environment, social service work is frequently cited as one of the most stressful paths but he believes passion is the fuel to success.

Mr. Atul Kumar Kushwaha is a man with ambition. He is a role model for many and upcoming generations. He has updated himself with the generation and has even brought himself up as an social media influencer. He is also a businessman, a founder of an organization and works as the director for his startup.

Mr. Atul Kushwaha has been a brilliant student in his educational career. He has completed his diploma in Electronic engineering from Government Polytechnic Farrukhabad. He has completed his graduation in engineering from JSS Noida (UPTU). His educational career does not end this soon, later he pursued LLB from Awadh University.

He is also former TAC member at Ministry of Communications, Government of India and Former NRUCC member at Ministry of Railway. Government of India.

To cope with the modern world Mr. Atul has a well-defined social media presence. He has 4000+ Facebook friends and 37.5K+ Twitter followers. He never fails to provide a view on the ongoing situations worldwide and influences people with his social media presence. He even supports many politicians via following social media trends and share his views on social media platforms.

As COVID-19 has affected all of our lives. It has affected everyone’s lives physically, mentally and financially. People are broken financially and afraid mentally, but despite of all the known facts of this pandemic Mr Atul kumar kushwaha and his members of NGO never failed in helping the needy. During this pandemic, members of bhairav senak sanstha and akhil bhartiya maurya mahasabha has distributed food packets to the slum area, helped the needy people to get beds and also helped the people those who are financially unstable to get medicines and needful things.

From an early age Mr Atul kushwaha was always kept a keen interest in helping others. He had a dream of helping people those who are in need. In his early age due to less sources and resources he dint understood how to be a helping hand to the people or the others those who are in need. So slowly and gradually he himself worked for many social causes and later he founded his own NGO and named it Bhairav Sevak Sanstha and he was also ex national vice president of Akhil Bhartiya Maurya Mahasabha. He himself volunteered for many social causes and his NGO has never taken a back step to help others.

Here all we can say about the brilliant man mr atul kushwaha. A man with golden heart and futuristic views.

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