Aurimas Juodka’s aim to turn people into Optimized Humans has made him a powerful force in the field of High Performance.

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Aurimas Juodka, aka AJ, who is a versatile coach and high-performance expert, lays out simple changes that can help people reach their full potential.

There are people who aim to excel in one area and try to give their everything to make it huge in their chosen fields, and there are others who believe in pushing their limits and optimizing every area of life, while making a profound impact and helping others to do the same. Aurimas Juodka’s life and success story is one such, where as a talented entrepreneur, he manages to successfully wear multiple hats and as a leading coach, high-performance and human optimization expert. He has created a unique approach to help people become the best versions of themselves and guides them to achieving their full mental and physical potential.

Aurimas Juodka, aka AJ, has been working relentlessly guiding people towards complete life optimization. AJ gives his clients the tools so they can lead themselves towards optimal efficiency, success, health and fulfillment. He is obsessed with identifying the inefficiencies in people’s lives and fixing them with his Minimal Effective Dose approach. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, NLP master Practitioner, High Performance Coach, former athlete, accredited nutrition coach, and an executive coach with a wide range of experience. In order to help people optimize their lives, AJ has built an interdisciplinary approach that his clients use in order to optimize the four pillars of high performance – biology, leadership, efficiency, and mindset.

Aurimas shares a few simple strategies that he believes can help people reach their full potential.

• Put your vision on paper: The high-performance expert says that their vision is invisible until it is written down. Think of success as a habit. Right habits will help you stay on track.
• Go after the goals out of your reach: Most of us are conditioned to see limited potential. A lot of people believe that success is not for them to achieve, which is not the truth, believes AJ. In order to create success, you must challenge yourself to think bigger – comfort simply produces mediocrity.
• Take action and fail forward: Planning or writing things down does not get the job done. Always take massive action and embrace failure to turn your “paper goals” into reality, says Aurimas Juodka.
• Persistence is key: Lasting success cannot be achieved overnight. Put consistent efforts and become a never-ending inspired work in progress.

Aurimas Juodka’s name has become synonymous with optimization as he discovered his gifts early in his career and since then has been making others high-performing and optimized humans through his Human Optimization Coaching. Find out more on his website, and Instagram @human.optimized.