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Aurpay- Developing a Game-changing Platform Having Expertise In Crypto Payment



The Aurpay team is constructing the crypto-economy, a more equitable, accessible, effective, and clear financial system made possible by crypto. They began with the revolutionary concept that anyone anyplace should be capable of sending and receiving crypto easily and securely. They now provide a trusted and simple platform for trying to access the wider crypto-economy.

Crypto Economy Powered By Aurpay

Aurpay helps customers all over the globe explore and begin their crypto travels. Millions of verified users, organizations, and ecosystem partners worldwide rely on Aurpay to quickly and safely invest, devote, save, receive, and use cryptocurrency.

Working and Popularity of AURPAY

Aurpay is a company that offers coin payment services as well as personal wallets. They enable customers to operate globally, reduce costs, and enter new markets by utilizing their dependable cryptocurrency processing services and wallet app.

This payment gateway provides cryptocurrency online payment services for businesses of all sizes. The permission-based accounting system, fiat payments to bank accounts, and a brand new email invoicing feature are just a few reasons why Aurpay has become many people’s preferred payment processor.

By providing several methods for setting up cryptocurrencies for any online Ecommerce shops or general websites, the team brought cryptocurrencies nearer to mass adoption. Payment icons, web applications, API integration, and official plugins for the most popular e-commerce platforms are all options.

Businesses can start their own virtual currency billing business and become a coin payment method or bitcoin merchant service at the lowest cost as compared to other crypto payment providers. Their customer gets a pay with crypto platform under their brand within a month. Customers can focus on their business growth while they handle all environmental support.

Aurpay Partner Program

If you think Aurpay couldn’t get better, consider its Partner plan. The crypto payment gateway just launched a merchant incentive program. First, sign up as one affiliate and tell your referral URL to your customers. Here are some advantages of being an Aurpay partner:

  • A distinct referral URL to match your branding
  • Each merchant you suggest earns a variable rate commission.
  • You select how much the charges are for lifetime revenue sharing.
  • Multipurpose dashboard for managing your earnings and merchants

Things to Consider

  • The service charges are transparent and significantly lower than most gateways charge: they can even be even lower than 1%. To help you compare, most crypto business payment gateways charge around 1% in processing fees, whereas PayPal costs 2.9% + $0.3 per transaction.
  • Aurpay has a smart contract option that completely controls non-custodial financing. It does not hold your funds or secret keys, so you have complete control over the received payment.
  • The plugin provides a beautiful checkout design and simple QR code scanning, resulting in a much higher conversion rate than competitors. Also, Shopify accepts crypto, so it is very beneficial.

Final Judgment:

Accepting cryptocurrency payments was previously out of approach for the WooCommerce crypto payments. However, Aurpay makes it simple to collect Altcoins and Bitcoin as payout for the products you offer and also enables you to save 96% gas. Allow your customers to purchase your services and products using their preferred cryptocurrency.

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