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Australian Terrier Dog Breeds 101



Australian Terrier Dog Breeds 101

The Australian Terrier though small is known to be high-spirited, courageous, aggressive, alert, and full of confidence. If you are looking for the ideal watchdog, then this is the dog for you.

Likewise, these dogs are naturally affectionate, and falling in love with them is easy. Just like any typical terrier, these pups enjoy digging, barking, hunting, and terrorizing other animals which are somewhat hilarious.

Nonetheless, for you to have a smooth experience with this dog breed, you should understand their personality and be ready to provide full-time companionship including nonstop play sessions. Also, your compound should be well fenced to prevent them from straying away.

Let’s dig deeper on what to expect if you want an Australian Terrier dog.

  • Key characteristics of Australian Terriers

These dogs are approximately 9 to 11 inches which makes them among the shortest in the terrier breed. They also feature a long head and short limbs with black claws, similar to those of a cat.

Likewise, they weigh about 15 to 20 pounds and have erect, V-shaped ears, small dark brown eyes, and a black nose.

The color of the fur varies and may include sandy and red or tan and blue with black markings. They may live up to 15 years depending on the environment and their general immune system.

  • Origin

These canines resulted from a crossbreed of different breeds including the old Black and Tan Terrier, the forebears, the Yorkshire, and Skye in the early 19th century.

Their initial duty was to work in the farm and gold mines, hunting rodents and snakes. Just like any working dog, they were originally vicious and killers, but today they are bred for companionship and affection.

Similarly, the breed was first known as the Rough Coated Terrie but later renamed as the Australian Terrier dog.

  • How friendly are Australian Terriers?

These hounds are generally hyperactive and playful. Likewise, their superb sense of hearing and sight makes them ideal watchdogs.

Plus, because of their prey drive, they enjoy chasing smaller animals like cats. However, they can be very friendly to the children and loyal to their owners.

Traveling with an Australian terrier is also a piece of cake given that they easily adapt to unfamiliar surroundings. You can also train them with new tricks and even involve them in a dog show. Yet, watch out for excessive barking and probably train them when to control their barking.

  • Breed maintenance

The terrier has a harsh coat that repels dirt and pests making it easy to maintain. Experts recommend brushing the fur regularly to prevent shedding and kinks.

Similarly, make sure the dead hair is well stripped in about every 6 to 8 weeks as well. The inner coating You would also want to bathe your pup at least once a month to remove dirt and bad odor. However, exercise bathing may damage the coat.

Also, include frequent trimming of the claws, brushing their teeth, and cleaning the ears thoroughly but gently. See this link to read more

  • Activity requirements

These hounds are naturally jumpy due to their hunting instinct. For this reason, you should give them daily exercise.

You can try chasing it around the house or play catch in the yard depending on your space. This will allow them to remain active and bubbly at all times.

Australian terrier thrives better in a happy environment and where people are around. Keep in mind that, due to their jumpy nature, they may stray away so your yard should be well enclosed.

  • Australian terrier temperament

The dogs are super friendly and outgoing and are keen on human contact and compliments. They are also popular for their cleverness and ability to stand for themselves when around other dogs.

Their bossy attitude helps them to command respect and maintain alertness hence making them good hunters. Similarly, although they are friendly to humans, they can be terrifying to smaller animals like cats.

However, with ample training, they can easily adapt to coexist peacefully with other animals. Above all, regular exercises are key to keep them balanced and spirited.

  • Nutrition and feeding

The good thing about these pups is that they are not heavy eaters. 1 cup of dog food a day is enough to keep them going. However, this amount varies depending on their metabolism, age, or health. Keep in mind that the food should be well balanced and of high quality.

  • Who should get an Australian Terrier dog?

If you are looking for an excellent watchdog, then you should get yourself an Australian terrier. Also, they have minimal maintenance and less shedding fur, making them ideal for those who live in an apartment.

Nevertheless, if you are a cat lover or have rodents in your home, this canine may not be ideal for you. Plus, they are also not the right choice for those who can’t keep up with energetic pets.

All in all, these canines exhibit impressive energy and can uplift your spirit in a jiffy at your lowest. Click here to read more.


If you are lonely and in need of affection, the Australian terrier would make a good working companion. They tend to enjoy spending quality time with their owners and have enormous love for children as well. Their cute tiny bodies coupled with shiny and soft fur also make them appear cuddly and adorable. However, for you to coexist happily with this canine, you need o ensure they are well taken care of from grooming to feeding. You should also consider that they are not a good choice if you have a hamster, cat, or any rodents in your home. Plus, they should live indoors.

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