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Author and investor Paul Preda Voicu speaks on 4 ecommerce trends to watch out for in 2021



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The world is moving at an incredible pace, the pandemic has forced us to come up with dynamic solutions and to react quickly at measures that could not be challenged. 

Popular writer and investor Paul Voicu believes that the pandemic has only sped up the process of digitization and 2021  and this will create changes on many levels for the ecommerce industry. “People will soon need to jump on a speeding train when it comes to shopping online. 

The first trend author Paul Preda Voicu is very excited about is the “Buy now, pay later option”.  “Pay Later,” sometimes called “Shop Now, Pay Later,” is a solution for point-of-sale financing. Retailers offering a Pay Later solution enable customers to choose a financing plan and pay in installments instead of having to pay the entire cost up-front. Paul believes that pay later is the end of the credit card era and it also allows investors to increase their cash flow.

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Paul, the man behind @paulsholiday on Instagram believes that customers will be shopping more in marketplaces rather than eCommerce stores. “ Marketplaces have developed to such a degree that the functionalities highly compete with the ones of websites. Moreover the speed of putting together an ad is net superior to launching a website”. 

“We will soon have shoppable video ads, “ says Paul Voicu. The increasing popularity of Instagram’s shopping functions will heavily impact the development of video ads as well. We will soon be able to see an ad, click 3 times and get something delivered to our home. 

Popular bitcoin investor Paul Preda Voicu believes that crypto payments will be incorporated into shoppable video ads. “With the institutional adoption at Paypal, Mastercard and Visa and with Facebook working on its own crypto I believe you might be able to soon buy your shirt with bitcoin”.

Paul is an entrepreneur at heart with over 8+ years of experience in building internet software, growing online companies and managing product development. Loves crypto, SaaS, technology, and startups. Watch out for his soon to-be released book “5 Elite Life Moves to Gain Financial and Location Independence.”

You can find him exploring blue waters on Instagram @paulsholiday or on

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