Author Marian Esanu reveals his success formula in “The Omnipresence Blueprint”

Coming from an immigrant family brings new challenges than many others cannot even imagine. Marian Esanu faced many of these challenges as an immigrant beginning a business in the United States. He was able to turn around this difficult situation to become a successful author, an entrepreneur who runs a business in client acquisition consulting, a YouTube channel, and a podcast host.

“I am an author, client acquisition consultant, YouTuber, and podcast host. I started with humble beginnings as an immigrant with little money and grew my influence through my ability to generate customers for my own businesses and my clients’ business. I now teach content creators, authors, speakers, and coaches how to create online high-end packages and automate their online sales process through video content and sales funnels.” states Marian.

Born on November 27th, 1987 in Romania, Europe, Marian is a leading Romanian digital marketer. He’s authored several case studies and has a book releasing this fall, 2020. Author of “The Omnipresence Blueprint,” Marian’s main business revolves around teaching his clients how to engage others in a marketplace and be as omnipresent as possible in order to attract attention from possible customers and keep clients coming back day after day. This, in turn, helps create more profit for the businesses that he helps with.

“Most client businesses do not know how to become omnipresent in the marketplace. This instability makes business unpredictable. I use a four-step process for generating a steady stream of inbound clients. This approach consists of identifying competitors, creating content, using online retargeting, and inviting the curious crowd to beg for your products and services. This is the same framework I have used to get my own 7 figure online sales funnel,” explains Marian.

Though Marian has now achieved success, it did not start out easily for him. As previously mentioned, he was an immigrant who came to the U.S. with very little money in his pocket. Marian had to push harder than others to compete and become successful because of this hard start in the United States.

“Being an immigrant in the USA and literally landing at the airport with my wife with $500 in our pocket, our life’s first few years were pretty intense. Things like a new culture, new language, different economy were obstacles that I had to overcome. The biggest obstacle was mainly my mindset as I had to push myself to compete with myself and not with other people.” Remarks Marian.

Marian’s advice for others to have a successful business is two-fold, depending on whether you have had experience in the business. If you have not, Marian recommends working for anyone who will offer you a position in that field whether or not it is paid because the experience will pay off.

“If you don’t have a budget, find someone that has achieved what you want to achieve, and go work for them for free, or find something valuable that you can offer to them in exchange for their time. If you have a budget, hire a mentor as fast as possible. But not any mentor, find someone that has achieved what you want to achieve, and hire that person to teach you.” Advises Marian.

Marian has recently interviewed stars like Grant Cardone, Pat Flynn, Evan Carmichael, Billy Gene on his highly-rated podcast High-End Client Acquisition. Marian has recently launched some online courses to help others continue to achieve their success despite the conditions that we are all under due to the pandemic. In addition, he has also set up a mentoring program.

“I recently launched an online course and group mentorship program where online creators and coaches learn how to become omnipresent and sell their services online. For me, I am able to differentiate myself from others by giving my clients absolute transparency and results.” Says Marian.

To find out more about Marian, you can follow him on Instagram @marianvesanu. You can listen to his podcast on apple podcasts by searching Momentum. Finally, you can check out his website at

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