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Belgian rapper Shah is working his way to the top of the music charts.



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Born on 11.02.2000, Shah is a very talented young lad who loves to rap. His plans are crystal clear, putting in the required effort that it takes to get there. He knows what he desires in his heart and is not confused like most young people of his age. He was born and bought up in Borgerhout, ANTWERP. Very early in life, he knew for a fact that his life was going to revolve around music. From being a star to being a humble human, he had envisioned it all in his mind. The life he is living now is the result of lifelong manifestation.

Shah believes in going the extra mile to make something perfect. He gives it his all and is full of positivity. It would take an upsetting disaster to make him feel negative about his life as he is such a warm-hearted positive person who always wishes the best to everyone. 

In his early secondary years, Shah made a tough decision to quit his school. People were quick to judge as not pursuing education is considered taboo in India. Everyone is just following a 9-5 culture and does not even think of entrepreneurship as a career option. Only then do we realize that being an employee does not give you satisfaction hence you are never the boss. We are glad he chose a different path in his life and followed his dreams. Otherwise, the world misses out on a brilliant talent like him.

Shah is a huge fan of Tupac and thinks of him as his idol. He even likes to listen to Eminem too. Freedom is what brings luxury to him. Even after gaining such worldly pleasures, he has managed to keep himself humble and grounded. His popularity has been increasing consistently and he is worthy of every following he receives on his social media handle. He is the definition of making it on your terms.

As of now Shah has more than 1 million views on Dutch music platforms. The views escalated quickly and reached a whopping million in just 10 months. This is because he has never let anyone tell you which path you have to take! Shah likes to keep it real and also has the intellect to break the traditional ways of living life. 

There is a lot more we can expect from such a talented rapper such as Shah. He is not only making Belgium proud, but is also gradually climbing the ranks of the global rap industry.

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