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Meet Karan S Pansi, making his mark as one of the finest Punjabi Sikh property investors and entrepreneurs from Canada.



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His commitment, combined with his unaverred passion, has helped this young talent to reach the forefront of the business world.

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we notice how different industries and sectors have constantly been rising, especially from the last few years. Ever wondered what could be the reasons behind these developments and advancements? Of course, the technological rise is one such factor, but one cannot deny the relentless drive and hard work of young professionals and entrepreneurs, who make sure to take their respective niches to the next level. We came across one such young and dynamic personality named Karan S Pansi, a young Men from Toronto, Ontario, who has been making a lot of noise with his businesses and his entrepreneurial spirit and acumen.

Ask him what drove him towards the world of entrepreneurship and the young talent quickly replies, saying, “To offer something different to people and make my unique niche in the world of business with whatever I choose to lay my hands on.” Since the very beginning, Karan S Pansi says that the business space was something that attracted him the most and hence, he dreamt of being a part of the same at a very early age.

He was born in 2000 and confesses that he began working at the nave age of 15 for his quest to make it huge in the world of entrepreneurship. Today, at only 20 years of age, Karan S Pansi has gone ahead in creating milestones with his businesses and still keeps learning something new each day to further grow his businesses. He is a property investor and an entrepreneur who co-owns Speed Motor Sports since 2017.

Since then, this young business gentleman has never stopped working and has kept moving on his path to attain excellence in whatever he has chosen to do in the business world. In 2018, he bought an Esso Gas Station as-well started Kids on Wheelz a iconic Kids Toys Brand,The very next year, he opened the first private owned LCBO in Caledon, Ontario.

Recently in 2020, Karan S Pansi even partnered with Best Buy and Walmart to grown his brand Kids On Wheelz,This young entrepreneurial talent truly looks unstoppable in all his endeavours and wants to keep pushing the Limits to expand his businesses and enter many other sectors,where he can yet again make his mark.

A Very last question question was asked to the young entrepreneur, what advise could you give to others. His reply was superb “ Not Understand what you want in the beginning is the best part and thrill,it Lets you explore your options, Just tackling the hardest obstacles in the beginning of your adventures as the rest would be like cursing on the 407.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @karanpansi.

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