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Cadbury is bringing back Breakaway chocolate block with Cadbury Daily Milk and Cadbury Old Gold flavors



Cadbury is bringing back Breakaway chocolate block with Cadbury Daily Milk and Cadbury Old Gold flavor

Cadbury have reported it is bringing back the popular Breakaway block and fans are charmed. The famous block has layers of wafer, creme, and a creamy chocolate centre encased in Cadbury milk chocolate. It will be available in two flavors: Cadbury Daily Milk and Cadbury Old Gold for dark chocolate lovers.

In potentially the most exciting improvement since Tasty Toobs returned earlier this month, Cadbury Breakaway is likewise making a rebound to supermarket shelves.

The sweet treat is the ideal mash-up between a chocolate block and a biscuit: chocolate-covered layers of wafer, creme with a soft chocolatey centre.

Breakaway was first launched by Cadbury in 1999 preceding it was (pitilessly) snatched from our hands only a few years ago.

It made a surprise appearance toward the end of last year in mash-up form as Twirl Breakaway, yet you basically can’t beat its original form.

Cadbury’s senior marketing director Paul Chatfield said staff had been working for longer than a year to consummate its formula.

Paul Chatfield the Senior Marketing Director for Cadbury revealed to FEMAIL the new block has been being developed for a year.

“We know how much Australians love the generous and indulgent nature of Cadbury chocolate, and we’re excited that the addition of light and crispy wafer will make Cadbury Breakaway a delicious chocolate wafer combination,” he said.

“The amazing chocolate makers at our Hobart factory have been working for more than 12 months to get the recipe and combination of Cadbury chocolate and wafer just right,” he said in a statement.

“Some of these team members were around for the production of Breakaway when it first launched back in 1999, and they’re so excited to see it return bigger and better than ever.”

Mr. Chatfield said Breakaway was the “perfect indulgent snack” – yet don’t simply trust Cadbury.

Diehard Breakaway fans have depicted the sweet treat as the “most delicious chocolate biscuit”.

To celebrate the launch of the new block Cadbury offered 500 lucky chocolate lovers a free block.

The promotion was over in only 30 minutes after being uncovered on the chocolate giant’s Facebook Page.

Fans expressed their sheer excitement at the block being brought back.

“I want to give it a negative review,” one conflicted reviewer, who still gave Breakaway four out of five stars, wrote.

“Your body really doesn‘t need or want it at all, but it tastes so addictive and absolutely divine.”

On Facebook, Breakaway fans responded with excitement to the news that the long-awaited snack was returning.

“So happy it is back, it is the best Cadbury block ever,” one man said.

“I have been waiting years for this,” another woman said.

“Oh no, I used to eat the whole thing in one sitting,” admitted another.

“Shut up and take my money,” one person wrote.

“OMG it’s back,” another commented.

The Breakaway blocks are relied upon to be on the shelves from early July.

This appeared to be excessively far away for some chocolate lovers who wanted to know whether the block would be accessible right away.

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