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Canberra Day 2020: Date, History, Significance of Canberra Day



Canberra Day

Canberra Day is a public holiday held every year on the second Monday in March in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) to celebrate the official naming of Canberra. This year Canberra Day is celebrated on March 09, 2020. Canberra was named at a ceremony on 12 March 1913 by Lady Denman, the spouse of the then Governor-General Lord Denman.

On 3 March 2007, the ACT Minister Andrew Barr (presently Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory) acquainted a bill with change the day of Canberra Day to the second Monday in March so it falls nearer more often to the genuine birthday of Canberra. Already it had been held on the third Monday in March.

Annual events related with Canberra Day incorporate the Hands Up for Canberra Giving Day (a community fundraising event held on 11 March in 2020), the Canberra Festival, which runs from 11–20 March 2011, the Chief Minister’s Canberra Day Awards Ceremony, and the Canberra Festival Balloon Spectacular.

What is Canberra Day?

Canberra Day denotes the day that Canberra city was named. Individuals began praising this day during the second Monday of March since 2007. There are different ways Australians celebrate this day. Be that as it may, most do as such by setting off to the capital in the park party.

As referenced, Canberra day celebrated the naming of the capital city of Australia held every second Monday of March every year. During the festival, the Canberra resident of the Year is likewise named to pay tribute to the individual who greatly affected the city of Canberra for the year. Such an individual may have improved indigenous affairs, essentially took an interest in volunteer work, supported and helped refugees, and others in need.

Canberra Day History

Canberra Day celebrates the official anniversary of Canberra’s establishing and naming ceremony. On 12 March 1913, Canberra was formally established and named Canberra. Canberra Day falls during a 10-day period called Celebrate Canberra where residents celebrate the beauty and diversity of Australia’s capital city. The city became Australia’s official capital in 1901 and has since developed into a significant tourist destination and hub for Australians.

The day celebrates a ceremony that was held on 12 March 1913, during which Lady Denman, the spouse of the then Governor-General Lord Denman officially named and established the city.

Canberra was chosen as the location for Australia’s capital in 1908 as a compromise as opposed to picking either Sydney or Melbourne.

Until 2007, Canberra Day was celebrated on the third Monday in March, yet it was moved to the second Monday in March as that implies it would fall all the more frequently near the real date of 12 March.

Annual events related to Canberra Day incorporate the Canberra Festival, which runs for about fourteen days ahead of the lead up to Canberra Day. It is an outdoor community event that includes everything from a car show to firecrackers to a hot air balloon spectacular.

As part of Canberra’s birthday celebrations, the Canberra Citizen of the Year Award is introduced by the Chief Minister in March every year. Presented in 1989, the award perceives residents who have made a significant contribution to the community.

Canberra Day is an official public holiday in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). It is observed yearly on the second Monday in March.

How to celebrate Canberra Day 2020?

Canberra Day is a public holiday in the ACT so an area government offices, educational institutions, and numerous businesses are closed on the day. Individuals who plan on traveling using public vehicles on the day should check with their local vehicle authorities as transport calendars and ticket costs may differ. For instance, Canberra’s bus service, ACTION, offers off-peak tickets on public holidays.

Annual events are held in Australia to celebrate the naming of the capital city. The Canberra Festival is typically held during the second week of March. There is additionally a range of theatrical performances, sporting events, and presentations that happen around the hour of Canberra day. Individuals additionally celebrate in the well known Park.

Nonetheless, since Canberra Day is Monday, a few families attempt to organize the long weekend getaways to different urban areas in Australia. Also, since Canberra day is a public holiday, schools, universities, government offices, and numerous businesses are closed during this day. it is likewise conceivable that public transportation is influenced. Be that as it may, if parades are held, traffic rerouting may occur.

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