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Canselguel, The Beautiful German Model Declined A Marriage Offer From A Sheikh With A Photo Captioned ‘Love Is Not For Sale’




The German influencer Canselguel (23 years old) is a self-made entrepreneur and inspires her fans with the latest beauty and fashion trends every day on her Instagram Page. However, she would not have expected that in her life. A wealthy sheikh from Dubai offers her millions of dollars for a marriage. It is still unclear whether Canselguel has accepted  the offer or not, but you can tell that she is currently in Dubai and enjoying her life.It  remains to be seen whether we can expect a bought dream wedding.

Her Bio-

Born on June 17, 1998 in Turkey, Canselguel Hair Color is Blonde and Eye Color is Blue.

You can find more about her, watch her photos and videos on the these social media links-

Cansel Guel Instagram – @canselguel

Cansel Guel TikTok – @canselgul

Cansel Guel is a commercial, fitting, featured model that has beautiful pictures in her gallery about introducing her modeling styles. She is pretty and beautiful girl.

Recently, a Dubai Sheik offered her millions dollar for marriage.

We all know that Dubai,UAE is a city of the rich and beautiful, including influencer and  fashion model Canselguel (Cansel Ö.) is 23 years old from Germany. She is on vacation with a friend in Dubai when a wealthy sheikh falls in love with her. He offers her million dollars and a dream house if she stays in Dubai and marries him. It is unclear how high the amount actually was, it was several million dollars, she did not want to reveal any further details.

We all wonder that can money buy love. A Millionaire made an immoral offer to Canselguel, related to this question only.

Canselguel, a blogger from Germany, is actually just a normal girl blogging on Instagram until a sheikh from Dubai falls in love with her. He offers her more than $1 million if she drops properties. Influencer Canselguel actually received this immoral offer on her Dubai vacation. However, she declined the offer, citing the influencer’s Instagram Story “Money can’t buy happiness, true love can’t be bought”

The sheik was ready to pay millions to get married to the beautiful German Canselguel.

An unbelievable story happened to model and influencer Canselguel from Germany. On her Instagram profile, she blogs about fashion and beauty and inspires hundreds of thousands of followers every day.

Canselguel is on vacation with a friend in Dubai until a wealthy Sheikh from Dubai, UAE made the offer of a lifetime. If she marries him, she will receive $1 million in cash.  However, the model declined the offer. She captioned herself with a statement, “Love is not for sale.”

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