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Celebrity costume designer and stylist, Talwinder Singh his upcoming work with Thakur Anoop Singh



Celebrity costume designer and stylist Talwinder Singh his upcoming work with Thakur Anoop Singh 1

Talwinder Singh, known for his styling and costume designing around the globe is now becoming famous in Bollywood and Pollywood movies.  Singh is now styling and designing in the upcoming song featuring Thakur Anoop Singh and Ayesha Mullaand Bollywood actress Jahni Kapoor is also in the upcoming projects.

Singh articulated that he is having a huge inclination for styling the people as he wants to do improvisations in the looks of celebrities and intend to designs good clothes for them. Talwinder Singh has earned a huge name in the industry in a short period of time.

Numbers of different artists are now hiring Talwinder Singh for his personal designing and styling as Singh has a huge collection and recent trends in his thoughtful and creative mind.

Singh says love for fashion runs in my nerves, and the designer or stylist has to be very particular about every minute detail a celeb wants and these are the things that give me thrills and keep a new challenge in front of me and this is what makes me perform my job much better. Giving the details about the project, Singh added that with Gurneet Dosanjh, he has worked in his tracks like Allah Maaf Kare, Lathe Di Chadar, and many more. And now doing the styling and designing part for the upcoming movie Pinky MogeWali 2.

Singh further added the main success a designer gets when his work is appreciated and noticed. Despite working with many stars till now I love to explore more so that I can come with some unique concepts which can click in people’s mind. Understanding the celeb choice and then working on it is the real work. No designer can force a celeb to wear the choice of designer rather designer has to go according to the wearer’s choice. Singh has come up with his own brand Trend Setter in Ludhiana and will soon pitch other cities also.

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