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Custom Chiefs’ Day: History and Importance of the day in Vanuatu



Custom Chiefs Day in Vanuatu

Custom Chiefs’ Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Vanuatu every year on March 5th. This is a day to remember and save the traditional tribal customs and traditions observed on numerous islands.

Vanuatu is a little island county in Melanesia. It broadcasted its independence in 1980 during the Coconut War. A considerable lot of the country’s residents have dismissed European impact, hence tribal chiefs actually play an important role in the political system of Vanuatu.

The constitution of the Republic of Vanuatu even made the National Council of Chiefs (Malvatu Mauru), an advisory body of tribal chiefs. Its individuals are elected by district councils of chiefs.

The primary assignment of the Council is to advise the government on the issue concerning traditional culture and indigenous languages. The Council doesn’t have any real legislative power, yet its recommendation is always listened to.

The National Custom Chiefs’ Day, which is a public holiday under the Public Holidays Act to perceive custom chiefs and their roles in Vanuatu’s communities, was almost changed a year ago through a parliamentary Bill that was subsequently retained and removed.

The Bill was supposedly set up by the Government to correct the Public Holidays Act, to supplant the Custom Chiefs’ Day with “Public Leaders Day”.

This activity of the government came about after much public debate on setting aside a public holiday for all leaders, past and present, of the country.

Custom Chiefs’ Day History

Vanuatu is an archipelago of more than 80 islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Large numbers of these islands have opposed European and Western impacts and still live as indicated by traditional customs. This incorporates a system where the tribes are as yet administered by chiefs.

Even though the traditions may vary from one island to island, the chief is perceived as the highest figure in a community.

Among the 83 islands that make the island country of Vanuatu are numerous that have dismissed European impact and rather really like to live as indicated by their traditional customs. While customs shift generally all through the islands, village life, subsistence farming, a belief in magic, and rule by chiefs are common.

In 1977 a National Council of Chiefs (Malvatu Mauru) was set up by the government to advise and propose approaches to guarantee the preservation of traditional lifestyles through Vanuatu.

One result was the foundation of this public holiday on March 5th to perceive the responsibility and prominent role of the chiefs.

On this day, almost all the islands in Vanuatu will mark the day with local food, traditional singing, and dances.

Tribal chiefs additionally are very important people at the village level. Their authority is extraordinary to the point that there even is a public holiday to honor the chiefs.

On March 5, Ni-Vanuatu offers appreciation to the chiefs and praises their national culture. The celebration of Custom Chief’s Day incorporates lavish feasts, sporting events, carnivals, agricultural fairs, arts festivals, singing, dancing, and other celebrations.

While events differ from one island to island and village to village, search for enormous feasts including native cuisine, traditional singing, and dancing.

The celebration of Custom Chief’s Day incorporates lavish feasts, sporting events, carnivals, agricultural fairs, arts festivals, singing, dancing, and other celebrations.

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