Day of the Cantabrian Institutions 2020: History and Significance of the day

The Day of the Cantabrian Institutions (Spanish: Día de las Instituciones de Cantabria) is a regional public holiday in Spain, celebrated on July 28th every year in the autonomous province of Cantabria.

Day of the Cantabrian Institutions: History and Significance

Cantabria is an autonomous community situated on the northern coast of Spain. The capital and significant city in the region is Santander.

A distinct region called Cantabria developed into recorded history during the second century BC as a home for furious Celtic tribes. These Cantabrians were eventually subdued and became part of the Roman Empire, one of the last areas to do as such. This started a long series of triumphs and control on the district by Visigoths and afterward the Moors before the region formed part of local Kingdoms, for example, Asturias and Castilla.

By the 18th century, there was a renewed enthusiasm for the one of a kind identity of the region. A first attempt to form a province floundered toward the beginning of the century. It wasn’t until July 28th, 1778 when an Assembly held in Puente San Miguel, prompted the constitution of the Province of Cantabria with regal confirmation following a year later.

Cantabria became an autonomous region on December 30th, 1981.

Our short excursion through the history of Cantabria secured a range of around 2,000 years in two paragraphs; be that as it may, that was the recent past contrasted with presumably the most renowned historical feature of Cantabria. The region contains more than 6,500 caves and 60 of these contain art painted in the Paleolithic Age (36,000BC – 9,000BC). This is the highest density of cavern works of art in the world and 10 of these caverns have been awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO.


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