Deepak Chandra: The creative man and the mind behind many successful Bollywood films, raring to be number one in the entertainment field.

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Chandra is a multi-talented personality showing his prowess in films and trailer editing, music composing, direction and rapping.

We have long known success stories about our favourite most film stars and celebrities and also the fact that the industry has always welcomed talented people to serve the audiences with something new and fresh that can connect with them and help in creating a special place for themselves in the hearts of the audiences. We have known some amazing success stories of how these stars of today worked the ground up and emerged as the prominent name they desired to be. However, how many of the times do we pay attention to the many forces that have their own special contributions in making a particular film a massive hit? We often forget to appreciate the creative minds behind the success a film enjoys. Well, we came across one such creative and passionate man from the glitzy and glamorous entertainment world who has made crisp and beautiful edits of various films and movie trailers and promos so far; he is Deepak Chandra.

To make an exceptional name in the ever-growing and ever-evolving scenarios of the film and entertainment world is not a walk in the park. One needs immense love, passion and the tenacity to work along with the changing trends of the industry and still manage to impress people by their creative work. An editor gives the final touch to the film before it reaches the audiences. Experts have said in the past that a film is made on the editing table. The art of editing that creates magic with the raw footages and reels of a movie or a trailer is something that requires attention to detail, knowledge of media production and communication, understanding of various editing software and the ability to be a storyteller who can weave in the story beautifully through unparalleled editing skills and engage the audiences with the final product in the form of a movie of a trailer. Chandra is all about this and much more and the proof is also the exceptional work he has done so far in his career working with some of the biggest production houses of Bollywood.

Chandra studied from St. Dominic Savio High School and completed his education from Mumbai University. This Mumbai-based 30-year-old young talent is driven by his passion and love for films and the entertainment world that has helped him emerge as one of the youngest and the most skilled trailer, promo and film editor. He is also famously known as Badboy, who has shown his prowess in the music world as well, by turning into a composer, rapper and music video editor.

He was the young mind behind the editing of Himmesh Reshammiya’s movie ‘Happy Hardy and Heer’. Not just that, he has worked on 29 trailers till date and has worked with clients like T Series and Phantom Films.

Looking at the kind of amazing work Chandra has been doing in his career, we won’t be surprised if he gets to the top of the entertainment industry with his multiple talents.